It was during the summer of 1964. My army unit was involved in a field exercise in the Mojave Desert and I was resting in my pup tent after a long day of traveling when a young man came to visit. “I hear you’re a Christian who likes to talk to people about God,” he said, I don’t believe there is a God and I’d like to talk to you about how you can be so certain there is. He gave me his name and we began a conversation that lasted for over two hours out there in the desert about the existence of God. At that time, I was not even remotely prepared to discuss the topic concerning the existence or greatness of God with the evidence I needed, all I was equipped with was my own conversion and personal knowledge. Nor was I prepared to discuss the existence, greatness, and mercy of God to several other individuals I have been called upon to minister to because of tragedy or disappointment in their life.

One example is a family who refused to attend church because they had lost their baby girl and blamed God for the loss. Since then, however, I have studied and discussed the subject of God’s existence and greatness many times. The evidence for the existence of God is supported by Scientists Archeologists, Historians, Geologists, College professors, Seminary Professors, learned pastors and testimonies of conversion from those who were highly positioned highly educated atheists to some who have less education or social stature who have had personal encounter with Jesus Christ, the Son of God. I have written a book titled, “The Greatest ?” that reflects the result of experience and study of over fifty years in the ministry and four degrees, two of which are in The ministry and the other two in the field of psychology as well as the resources above. Those resources have been heavily depended upon with the intent that a firm foundation is established for the statements made in the book “The Greatest ?” The Greatest is about a Navajo lady whose name is Debra, was raised on a reservation in Arizona and observed the Navajo religion and later moved to California with her brother to start a horse ranch while working in a bank in a nearby town. Following her move to California, she encounters romance, gets married and suffers tragedy in her life that causes her to deny the existence of God and, eventually, turn to a pastor for help. That encounter led to several counseling sessions while living a life that included helping her brother on a horse ranch, an encounter with a couple of beautiful horses, one of them almost killed her, making new friends, meeting an old friend who persuades her to come to church. Some of the content in this book is related to events in my own life that have brought me great pain and great joy. As a young man, I worked as a horse trainer in Oklahoma, Texas, and Kansas. In my studies of psychology, I discovered and used distraction as an effective tool for coping with depression and/or anxiety. During my fifty plus years in the ministry, I have spent much of it as pastor in Native American churches and learned a little about their culture. That is minutely reflected in his book. It is my strong desire because of my love of God and hunger for the salvation of souls, that you will read this book and find the answer to any question you might have about the existence and the greatness of God.