My book, Following The Mist, is about spiritual growth. Why buy the book? The book dwells into life after death. What lies beyond death? Do we just turn to dust and nothing more? Or does our spirit live on in Heaven?

It is wonderful to know through near-death experiences that there is a world beyond ourselves. Jesus is a real savior and though we die, yet shall we live because of his conquering death. Life would be meaningless without the hope of Jesus.

Looking for help is natural at a funeral. I have participated in many funerals. Some where the grieved family members are fighting to find hope after a loved one has died. Suicides are frequent in our society today. yet, we are saved by the blood of Jesus Christ. It is through his grace that we have hope to live another day. The final Exit is not hope, rather Jesus is hope.

The fear of death is normal yet, why do we fear death so much?

I lost two wives to sudden death: Mary died of a massive heart attack with me in the swimming pool at Armstrong State University. I tried in fain to save her. I was reassured by the doctors at St. Joseph Hospital that there was nothing I could have done. The doctor told me it could have happened right here in the hospital and I couldn’t have saved her. Mary was gone? Why? I asked myself. Why?

I went through the stage of the what ifs. What if I did this? Would she be alive? Finally, a good friend of mine said, “Hell, Tom, you are not God. What are you trying to be God for?” In our modern-day world, we try to control everything. But death is not one we can control. Only God can control life and death. I lost the love of my life in Mary. But God sent me, Regina. She rekindled my spirit as I felt the call to go into the United Methodist ministry. For thirty years, I preached the gospel throughout the South Georgia Conference.

I graduated from Emory and reached my MDiv in 1988 but the real joy I had was marrying Regina Metz in Davisboro, Georgia. It is funny how when one window shade doesn’t work, God will send you another window that does work. I was trying on my own to find someone to help in the ministry to no avail and God sent me, Regina. She helped lead our ministry. She raised our son, John. My son, Dr. John T Maddox iv has a doctorate from Vanderbilt University. I was trying to be a single father. But I couldn’t do it until I found Regina. She made him into a wonderful man. Life is weird. Just when everything is going great, something disastrous happens. Regina died of a stroke right after we went on disability.

I went into crying and weeping, thinking my life was over. I thought to myself, “Why am I moping when I should be writing about hope for those who grieve. Life is a never-ending process. Our body dies but our spirit lives on eternally. Following The Mist helps us to realize that we live on because Jesus lives on eternally. Realize that life on this Earth is short. But also realize that life is eternal through Jesus Christ. My book shows that life is controlled by God not by man. Stories of hope in a world of doubt. Following The Mist will lift your spirit up. It helped me with my own grief. We live on this Earth not for ourselves but to help others; and not to praise ourselves but to praise God.