When you are just a helpless kid who is trying to navigate his way through school and bullies, would you still have the time to save the world? It seems that this is the destiny that awaits Alex when he eventfully pulled out a sword from a stone.

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The film, which is adapted from the all too famous lore of King Arthur, puts a contemporary take to the Arthurian legend. Here, an adult doesn’t become king. A bunch of 12-year-olds takes the center stage. Despite their age, they are given the task by fate to defend their peace from the malevolent hands of the original King Arthur’s half-sister, Morgana.

Of course, Merlin appears in the story as well. While we may be more familiar with the Merlin with the white beard, he also has to keep up with the times. Instead of his old appearance, he will take on a more youthful look in this film.

Louis George Serkis is on the lead role while Dean Chaumoo as Alex’s best friend. Tom Taylor plays as Lance (who is probably Lancelot’s counterpart). Patrick Stewart plays the adult Merlin while Angus Imrie is the young Merlin. In addition, Rebecca Ferguson has the role of Morgana. Joe Cornish, the man behind the success of Attack on the Block, sits on the director’s chair for this movie.

Showing on January 25, 2019, get a sneak peek at the glory that comes with the destiny of the king. The new The Kid Who Would Be King movie poster is available for you to check out down below: