If you don’t feel the presence of the Lord in your day-to-day living, then Paul A. Dougal’s book “8,000 years” should open your eyes to how important it is to have God back into our lives.

In this book, Dougal emphasizes how a thousand years for us is equivalent to just a day for the Almighty. A several thousand years of history that we pride ourselves in is only a few days for Him and this claim, backed by the Bible affects our life and our perspective of God in ways we have not thought of before.

The author explained the intricate timeline that we, as believers of the Lord, should take note of. From the time of Adam and Eve to almost a thousand years later (which makes up the first day for the Lord) up until our present, it seems that humanity is living a time-sensitive life.

Don’t mistake the book for an apocalyptic non-fiction preaching. A Thousand Years Taught

Don’t think that because there are pieces of evidence that points to the fact that humanity’s time is limited and that the Lord is indeed watching, we have to live in tiptoes or in panic and fear. When reading the book, we can see that it is simply a narrative of logical evidence of God’s existence. Throughout the 8,000 years of history on Earth, God has made his presence known.

Divine knowledge is far beyond what human faculties can perceive. As you come face to face with this book, you can’t help but be awestruck. You can’t help but be convinced. As expected from someone who abounds with passion to spread the Word of God!

Paul A. Dougal interest in the Bible began many years ago in the 1980s. A certain man, Enoch, was so intriguing to him that he dedicated his time to get I touch with God and prayed for revelation. Dougal did not simply understand why God chose him to have such a special privilege and take him on a journey that was nearly impossible to explain from the canonized version of the King James Bible. Little did he realize that God started a flame within him to research on this journey about Enoch many years later. It was in 2006 when he was approached by one of his colleagues concerning Enoch’s life with the information he found. I was taken back with amazement and wonder. That

A Thousand Years Taught

God showed Dougal very clearly that this same Enoch that he was intrigued about back in the 1980s is the same Enoch that God put him to a task on recovering and commingling the information with his colleague.

Studying the life of Enoch is a life-changing event for Paul A. Dougal that he will never forget. The enlightenment was fanned into flame at Hartford, CT on December 1, 2006, leading into a ten-year journey. God speaking periodically through the Holy Spirit placed this puzzled information into a cliché of order. That this order of time and events should be shared with many.

We all have a feeling for God, a subjective longing for God’s presence.  “8,000 Years” by Paul A. Dougal will be a helpful addition to your bookshelf and will address your spiritual needs.