Lindsay Lohan's latest film Among The Shadows

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As a household name in Hollywood, it is rare to find people who don’t know Lindsay Lohan. She had her chance at a fruitful career. However, she also experienced a fall from grace, which, it seems, will always haunt her today. Lohan has become notorious for frequenting rehab due to her alcoholic tendencies and her succumbing to drugs, but it seems this former charismatic lady is back to redeem herself.

She’s sober and she’s ready to take on the world one movie at a time. As of late, Lindsay Lohan’s latest film Among the Shadows is about to hit the theaters. She’ll star in this film alongside Charlotte Beckett and Gianni Capaldi.

Check out Lohan’s timeline from when she was still an amazing kid actress down to her troubling times.


lindsay lohan the parent trap

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In 1998, she stars in her first film The Parent Trap along with Dennis Quaid and Natasha Richardson. This film catapults Lindsay to the top of Hollywood, boosting her career to greater heights.

In 2004, Mean Girls hit cinemas and up to this day, this is Lohan’s most successful movie. It was also around this year that she released an album called Speak. It was also rather successful.


Lohan's latest film Among The Shadows

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Around 2005, rumors have been circulating that the actress is suffering from an eating disorder. However, she timely dismisses such claims and tells the public that she was just working out. Later on, her father is charged for unlicensed driving and assault. Eventually, the court finds Lohan’s father guilty, facing two to four years in jail. This same year, Herbie: Fully Loaded launches to a success.

2006 is the beginning of her woes and troubles. She ditches projects after projects, arriving late (or never at all) for the ones that she did take up. It was, later on, found out that she’s been partying hard every night. This forming habit resulted in Lohan being unable to attend certain events later on.

In 2007, she checks herself in rehab. She states that she’ll make it her mission to take care of her health. The statement goes into the trash as she is later on found in possession of cocaine after she crashed her car. After the stint, she begins her second try at rehab. This doesn’t seem like the best year for Lohan as her parents also finalize their divorce. It was also in this year that she spends in and out of jail. She’s had several stints in rehab right after.


Lohan's latest film Among The Shadows

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2008 seems to be a little brighter as she engages in a relationship with DJ Samantha Ronson but her problems did not stop.

Around 2009, she splits with the DJ. She had a couple of arrest incidences throughout the year too.

2010 was worse for Lohan as she faces multiple charges. She gets cornered, eventually leading to her entering rehab once again.

It was only around 2017 that she finally got rid of her nasty habits. She went back into acting. Apparently, she no longer parties hard it would seem like rehab finally worked. Of course, only time will tell. Right now, Lohan is busy with movies and TV shows, which is really good for her well-being right now. Her latest project, Among the Shadows, hits theaters this March 5, 2019.

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Check out the trailer for Lohan’s latest film Among The Shadows: