At this point, the release of ‘Captain Marvel’ will be debunking a lot of fan theories. However, it could also prove that some of them may be truer than imagined. All MCU fans are guilty about putting theories out there and when you’ve been into the franchise for so long, it comes along naturally. Before we get to see which Captain Marvel theory applies and which ones don’t, let’s look at some of the most bizarre fan theories that fans have been coming up with.


Fans got incredibly ecstatic when Marvel released an official poster of ‘Captain Marvel’ way back in September 2018. This was because, on the lower left of a certain poster, a rear-end of a cat was seen. For comic book enthusiasts, this means one thing: Chewie is going to be present in the movie – well, at least that’s what the theories are. If you don’t know, Chewie is Carol Danvers feline companion and although she takes a form of a cat, she isn’t your typical ‘Earth’ cat. Chewie is, in fact, a Flerken. She takes on the form of a cat but she’s got special abilities like the ability to travel in between dimensions. She also has tentacles for defensive purposes, and her fangs aren’t to be messed with. It would seem like Chewie will be making her appearance in the ‘Captain Marvel’ film as Carol’s companion.

On the other hand, when a second trailer dropped last December 2018, we also get to see another feline but this time, the name given to it was ‘Goose’. Theories, again, dropped like hot cakes. People seem to think that this cat wasn’t a Flerken, to begin with, and is indeed, a Skrull. Skrulls can take on different forms and we see Nick Fury trying to pet it. People seem to think that this was the reason why Nick lost an eye. Well, we’ll have to wait until the movie gets released to see how legit these theories are.

Infinity Gauntlet

So, a lot of theories have popped up about Captain Marvel playing a major role in ‘Avengers: End Game’. She’s also been dubbed as the strongest Avenger, so far. This leads people to believe that Carol Danvers herself is capable of wielding the Infinity Gauntlet. Additionally, it is said that she can undo the mass genocide that Thanos just delivered.

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Doctor Strange

The strangest (pun intended) theory so far, but also one of the most viable, is that Doctor Strange will somehow make an appearance in the movie. Knowing the MCU, this isn’t entirely impossible. They love their surprises and they like to keep people on edge. For Doctor Strange to make a possible appearance, and one that makes sense, Strange must have traveled back in time to warn Fury about Thanos. This could be the 90’s where the Captain Marvel storyline begins. If this is true, Strange could have hinted Fury about contacting Carol Danvers “at the right time”.

Again, these are theories. As bizarre as they might sound, they are still plausible – especially when it’s from the Marvel Cinematic Universe. ‘Captain Marvel’ hits theaters this March 7, 2019, so we’ll just have to wait and see.