The Purpose of Life is about an upper-class family man name Michael who works at an insurance firm in Stamford, Connecticut. He lives in a suburban section of Fairfield, Connecticut with his family and is enjoying the American dream, money, great career, beautiful home, and family.

One day, the last-minute deal came through and Michael had to make a presentation to help secure a deal that would have great benefits to his company but failed. The presentation did not seem promising to the investors who were going to invest over a million dollars into his company’s insurance plans.

Michael comes to work after the deal fell through and his boss tells him he is fired for the failure to secure the deal. Now Michael finds himself in turmoil when not only did he lose his job, but also his family, money, and home and has to move with his friend to Bridgeport, Connecticut. His friend helps him get back on his feet by getting him a job where he works and allowing him to live with him and his family.

Depression hits Michael hard as he is not able to find the kind of job he once had and works at a factory full of angry and miserable grunts who are always beside themselves and does not care for Michael.

The Purpose of Life Darnell Johnson

One day, Michael started receiving texts throughout the days of the weeks and month asking for his help. He did not know whom it was coming from and then he met a woman at the bus stop. She was talking to him about the problems he was going through and that it may result in a purpose he had to serve and that it may be from God who called him to serve a purpose.

Until one day the person revealed who they were through the text messages. Now Michael realized what his purpose was and his enemy also had a purpose for him and it was a matter of time before Michael can serve his purpose before it is too late for him or the other person.

The Purpose of Life is about a man who had a purpose to serve, a purpose he does not fully know or understand yet. It didn’t seem mandatory to him yet it was he had to serve his purpose in life even though it was beyond himself.

Everyone in the world has a purpose to serve and when it is the time we all must serve that purpose you may not know or understand what your purpose is until things happen to you in life to find out. Example:  You go to the store one day to get a gallon of milk and then a robbery ensues and then you foil the robbery and saved the lives of people as well as yourself in the store that might have been your purpose. You didn’t know a robbery was going to happen or you would not go into the store or you would have called the police.

The Purpose of Life Darnell Johnson

God has many purposes for people all throughout the world and when the time is right you must serve it…facts.  I started writing in a composition notebook back in 2006. I had originally written two stories, one a book called, “The Fire” and another for a video game called, “Nightmare Creatures.” It was 2006 when I had first experienced and depression. It was something I had never gone through in my life.


Darnell Johnson

I brought two composition notebooks and I just started writing the first thought that came into my head…The Fire.

Depression was extremely difficult for me because I felt like I was in a pitched-dark tunnel and there was a voice telling me, “there is a hole in the ground that you can’t see where you will fall and once you fall in you will not be saved.” That was the voice I heard when I was deep in depression, but I kept on writing and I finally made it to the light at the end of the tunnel.

Depression is what inspired me to write. It was hard… very hard, but I managed to finish two of my stories and get my third book, “The Purpose of Life”, published.


The Purpose of Life Darnell JohnsonThe Purpose of Life

By Darnell Johnson

Genre: Literature & Fiction

Paperback: 404 pages

Publisher: XlibrisUS

ISBN-10: 1984544624

ISBN-13: 978-1984544629


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