The Syrian Conflict is dubbed as one of the most complicated war to be understood by the modern man. With over a dozen faction in 4 main belligerent groups, this complex “conflict web” almost sounds like a free-for-all death match you’ll only see in a videogame. How everyone wished it were a videogame; where dead people respawn, and handshakes and laughter come out after every fight. But it isn’t. It’s real and it’s been going on for almost 8 years.

There are several important things that happened during this multi-sided war; in fact, probably too many to count. But the most controversial ones, aside from ISIS beheading civilians, were the use of chemical weapons that left hundreds, if not thousands, of innocent people dead. This first happened a few times in 2013, and last one happened just this April. Of course, the world and mainstream media instantly blamed Syrian President Bashar al-Assad for this, calling him a murderous psychopath.

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