My interest in Pyramids; (also described as towers in ancient literature); began in the 1970’s. The pyramid shape was widely proclaimed as generating a healing energy facing in the proper direction and claims such as these were the beginning of the new age movement. I was young and impressionable and bought into the movement; I even remember buying a pyramid baseball cap that sported a metal frame of a pyramid attached to the top. I was determined to unlock the secrets of this new-found technology and began to read everything available on the topic, also while wearing my pyramid cap at every available opportunity. As I would read each book, I would then read the authors listed, reference books amassing a wide-ranging education that eventually led me to the Tower of Babel.

I routinely avoid the Christian conversations about the tower because biblically, there is very little written and less to be learned unless you are willing to include other books such as Jubilees contained in the Catholic Bible. Other reference books must be sought to educate you on the Tower of Babel, and I should mention— there are many. I write this chapter because I cannot rid my mind of the misrepresentations that were on display during a late-night Christian debate involving believers and nonbelievers on a local Christian television channel regarding the topic of the Tower of Babel. One scholar stated: The tower is an origin myth meant to explain why the world’s people speak different languages. These types of misinterpretations seek to undermine the word of God and cast doubt on actual events purposely destroying credibility. Satan comes to steal, kill, and destroy; he is the great deceiver. What is the truth? I assure you that if you will seek you will find.

We can know for a fact that the Tower existed due to the shear numbers of references to it in ancient literature from numerous cultures. But I have many questions: why was it built, what was its exact size? There is an ancient biblically-referenced source to all these questions that has been hidden in plain sight; The Ancient Book of Jasher. Jasher has been referenced in Joshua 10:13; 2 Samuel 1:18.

The Greek historian Herodotus described the Tower of Babel as being one-furlong square at the time of his viewing, circa 440 BC. A Furlong is 1/8th mile or 220 yards square. The Book of Jasher recalls the circumference of that very same tower as a three-day walk. According to the Book of Jasher, six hundred thousand men took part in its construction. The Tower was so high that the mortar and bricks took one full day to reach the builders at the top; as those ascended others descended the whole day long. In the final days, recounting the tower’s demise, Jasher explains: as to the tower which the sons of man built, the earth opened its mouth and swallowed up one third of the tower, a fire from heaven burned another third and the other third is left to this day. Another ancient account: The top of the tower was burned, the bottom was swallowed up and the middle was left standing to erode over time. The Book of Jubilees confirms Jasher’s dimensions adding the tower was 5,433 cubits tall which translates into 1.6 miles in height and took 43 rears to build 1645-1688 AM.  Obviously, as evidenced by two separately different accounts, the portion that Herodotus viewed in wonder was but the small middle piece it was the part that was left to erode; not the tower in its full majestic glory described as its circumference being a three-day walk. Jasher goes on to say many men died in that tower on its day of destruction a people without number. From these three accounts, we can determine without question that the tower did exist and was not a fairy tale as some nonbelievers would have you to believe. But I would do a great disservice not to mention Herodotus’s observations are far from the truth and the primary account most theologians subscribe to. Anyone that relies on his account as the alpha and omega in search for the answer of why was the Tower built will walk away doubting?  Herodotus merely viewed an old eroding portion of ruins.

Why was the tower built? Flavius Josephus was a Jewish general, scholar, and historian. He had a father of priestly descent and a mother who claimed royal ancestry Josephus writes in his book Antiquities 1.4.3: Nimrod (the man who ordered the building of the tower) would take revenge on God.  He would build a tower too high for the waters to reach if God should have a mind to drown the world again. He would avenge his forefathers for God destroying them.

Josephus’s explanation reveals a great deal to me. Every civilization throughout history has constructed their own form of the Tower of Babel called Ziggurat pyramids and they all (according to the Bible) had ancestral ties to Babel, most also had a legend of a flood. Some would have you believe the pyramids were elaborate tombs others a place of sacrifice I will not list all the fanciful reasons here but say their explanations pale in light of Josephus’s explanation. The fact that Egyptian Pharos were encased in the pyramids only strengthens the argument that they also wanted a safe haven from a possible second flood in the afterlife. When God confounded the people’s language and they set out for different lands they all left— according to Josephus: with a fear of a second flood and a desire for a high place to withstand it. Over the centuries, possibly the exact reasons why we do things become unclear, lost, or merely pointless tradition: there will always be a select few to agree subconsciously man always seems to seek the high ground.

And surely, our fathers have inherited lies, vanity, and things wherein there is no profit. (Jeremiah 16:19, KJV)


Knowing the Author

Basically: a disabled & retired steelworker, ex-labor leader, and ex-elected Financial Secretary of Local 4398.  Nothing in my background would make anyone imagine there walks an Author and Prospective Disciple of God— except God. God finds disciples in the most unlikely of places. Prior to being a steelworker, I had too many jobs to mention. Raised by family members with the absence of a mother and father; forced to attend Lutheran Church, Sunday school, Catechism, and Vacation Bible School as a child— this was the rule of the house: attend church and school until you become old enough to leave home. When I was old enough to leave and strike out on my own, church attendance was the first thing to be cut from my new lifestyle. A marriage ending in divorce, resulting in drug and alcohol abuse; then after one evening alone and partying, my appendix ruptured which is unknown to me at the time, I self-medicated the injury and finally racked with crippling pain, drove myself to the hospital emergency room, passing out in a no parking zone in the emergency parking area there later to be discovered by hospital security. I awoke in 4 days from a coma and a few members of the hospital staff and my ex-wife convinced me I had a problem and recruited me to the hospital substance abuse program. The hospital had contacted my employer and explained to me that all expenses would be paid, the program was 30 days long and the company would continue paying me a sub-pay package during the time I was enrolled in their program, provided I graduated. I don’t mind telling you this was a miracle; I would get paid 80% of my wages not have to go to work. All I had to do is attend classes in the air conditioning and stay at the hospital. I had no initial intention of stopping any of my current behaviors. That denial all ended on September 3, 1984.

Looking back, I owe my current success to a grade school teacher that for some unknown reason to me took an interest. One day, the teacher asked me to stay for a moment after class and inquired about the reading assignment. I was having trouble reading and looked at my shoes. She then told me that she believed my reading problem stemmed from my lack of interest in the selected reading materials, not my ability to read, then opened her desk drawer and handed me a mad magazine and Ian Fleming’s book about James Bond. She told me to write down the words I was having trouble with and she wanted a daily progress report. That book and magazine lit my fire. I soon became a frequent visitor to the Library. The complete works of Fleming, Poe, Twain, and Shakespeare, the classics Moby Dick, Scarlet Letter, Exodus, just to mention a few, were all read before I was a freshman in High School. Then a neighbor that shared my reading passion taught me how to speed read. I could now read books in hours instead of days. The new age movement sparked my curiosity and started an investigation into religion that continues today. Now, my only interest is the King James Version of the Bible and a few research books. When Ronald Reagan was asked if he was on a desert island and allowed one book, what it would be; he immediately responded, the Bible. I agree with President Reagan, nothing is more challenging; reading it is one thing, understanding it is another.