1 Timothy 2:4 – “God desiring all men to be saved and come to the full knowledge of the truth”

The Truth Seekers by R. Glenn Brown is a story of about freedom from the bondage of religious suppression to attaining the highest peaks of the divine revelation. The first part tells a story of a boy born in the days of religious suppression. The boy was Viktor Gorgachuk. Born in the USSR in 1966, his devout Orthodox parents keep his birth a secret by bribing the midwife not to report it. They are determined to protect their son from the Soviet educational system. Viktor is a brilliant child with a prodigious memory. When he was four, he was hidden in a remote monastery where he is educated by learned monks. When he was released to his parents at twelve years of age, he has mastered six languages and theoretical math. Realizing they had a child prodigy in their care, his parents decided to get further away from the central government and take Viktor to a town inn south central Siberia.

About the time of his release, the midwife revealed his secret birth to the KGB which was the main security agency for the Soviet Union. KGB began a search for Viktor and his parents. In a series of escalating event, Viktor’s parents were killed after being apprehended by the KGB and the boy was left in the care of a Pentecostal Family. Viktor remains in hiding for five years, sheltered by the Pentecostal community. At seventeen years old, he fled from the USSR and escaped to America. Viktor’s escape from the KGB and his adventures leading up to his immigration to America is a riveting story.

The Truth Seekers


The second part of the book follows Viktor in America. After graduating from Princeton University and then Fuller Seminary he eventually became a renowned pastor within the Evangelical community. Unfortunately, Evangelicalism is very divided theologically. At one end of the divide are Pentecostals who believe supernatural spiritual gifts are active today and speaking in tongues is required evidence of Spirit baptism. At the other end are Cessationists who believe supernatural gifts of the Holy Spirit ceased after the original apostles all died. Pentecostal Pastor Viktor Gorgachuk became close friends with Cessationist Pastor Bill Ballard. They deplored the division within Evangelicalism. Both are committed to the Scripture as the ultimate authority for faith and practice. They agreed to study each other’s doctrine for a year to determine what Scripture actually says. They met every three months to share their findings. They went on until each agrees to accept the other’s doctrine as it was firmly supported by Scripture. The interaction between two sincere Evangelical preachers searching for truth is compelling.

The Truth Seekers is a treasure chest bequeathed to the millions of Evangelicals and others seeking for Scriptural reality. Be a Truth Seeker if you dare.


About the Author

The Truth Seekers

Glenn Brown served as a career US Navy Chaplain, US Army officer, and Air Force photographer. He retired after twenty-six years of military service. He served as pastor for eighteen years and been to a mission to Ukraine for more than twenty-one years.

Brown studied at Trinity University, University of Hawaii, and Denver University. He graduated from Denver Seminary, Princeton Seminary, and Navy Chaplains’ Senior Course.

Glenn Brown was ordained with the Assemblies of God for fifty-two years. He resigned in 2010 and affiliated with Chaplaincy of Full Gospel Churches. In 1993 he was invited to Ukraine to demonstrate how American chaplains minister to military personnel. Later, he led an effort to establish an orphanage in Western Ukraine which has become a model for that region. Glenn and his siblings named the orphanage “Eunice Brown Home for Children”, a name in honor of their mother. Brown has made thirty-seven trips to Ukraine and Hungary in the past twenty-one years. His knowledge of Eastern Europe and the mass immigration of Ukrainian Pentecostals to the USA is reflected in this exciting novel. He and his wife, Donna, live in Sequim, Washington. They are both are active in Dungeness Community Church.