What will happen to the proposed wedding when conjoined twins separated by surgery and adoption are unwittingly reunited later in life only to fall in love without realizing their shocking history?

The Unbelievable Scars by E. Alan Roberts bridges fiction and terrifying coincidence with this romantic mystery novel.

The doctor announced to the mother-to-be that she was having two babies. That was a surprise but a few weeks before the expected birth date arrived was the shock that they were joined.

Fiction is stranger than facts hence in this novel it was an unusual birth of a boy and girl co-joined. The twins were joined at the buttocks; it was not a major surgery to separate them. The girl was given up for adoption.

The Unbelievable Scars Alan Roberts

Both children grew up to be good students. Both of them wanted to enter the Business division at University. They lived in different cities and had never met. They both applied to the same University.

The family doctor announced that the girl’s mother had a terminal sickness. She asked permission to delay her entry to University for a year. So the following year she commenced her Business studies. There was a strong Christian Fellowship at the university, the boy had joined in his first year, and met the girl when she joined the following year, They both held leadership roles in the Fellowship.

After graduation, they worked in different parts of the country. They met again at a conference for those who had been leaders in the Christian Fellowships of various Universities.

He wanted to set up his own business so he contacted those he knew from University asking if they would pray with him about this project; he also asked if any of them would like to join him in his new business venture. The girl expressed willingness to join in the venture. Together with a couple of other interested parties, they had planning sessions from time to time. By the time it was ready to start business cupid had been busy.  When the engagement announcement was made to the other workers there was no surprise.

The Unbelievable Scars Alan Roberts

In preparation for the wedding, they met with the minister and among other things he suggested they ought to have a medical examination. The doctor had some important questions raised by the blood results. He called a meeting of the parents of the couple; he also had the minister and a retired surgeon at the meeting.  During the doctor’s interview, he had been surprised to learn that they knew absolutely nothing of each other’s scars. He insisted that they make bare just the immediate area spot and forced them to take notice of what they saw.

At the meeting, he asked for confirmation of dates of birth. After an embarrassing pause, the girl’s father said that her mother counted the day they received her from the Hospital as the birth date. The retired surgeon was asked to relate his care of the mother and the surgery. He told all those present that he performed the surgery that separated the twins. The doctor asked the couple if they would please expose the scars, which they reluctantly did. The surgeon confirmed that they were his scars.

So, now what will happen about the proposed wedding?

Discover what will happen of Adrian and Mary in this wonderfully twisted romance.

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The Unbelievable Scars Alan Roberts


The Unbelievable Scars

Author: E. Alan Roberts

Print Length: 360 pages

Publisher: WestBow Press

Language: English

ISBN-10: 1973638436

ISBN-13: 978-1973638438

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From the Author

It was probably the result of thinking seriously about young people keeping themselves pure, and also about Christian ethics in business.  There is a need for learning how to communicate. I must ask myself,  “How do I know that what my readers think I wrote is what I thought I had written?”  I hope that through a fictional story the readers will meet devout people who seek to maintain a high standard in their daily life, business, and leisure. It is not so much as to what the characters say but it is primarily what they do.

A couple who wanted a baby found that the pregnancy was two babies. It became complicated when they were informed that the babies were joined, and would require surgery after birth to separate them. Then the decision to put their daughter up for adoption had to be faced.  This prompted my emotions to get involved with the heartache of barrenness and the heart-searching deciding about adoption.

Both the girl and boy, now living miles apart and not knowing about each other, facing the attitude of worldly promiscuity.  By God’s strength, they did not yield but made a decisive stand for holiness and purity.

They knew each other at University but not as related to each other. They had been informed that there was surgery at birth, hence the scars.

He opened up his own business and wanted Christians to be his partners, she joined his business. So it opened the door for a romance. He was determined that his business would be for the glory of God. Careful and prayerful decision times were of great importance.

  1. Alan Roberts as an Author

I was hopeless in Grade School when it came to creative writing.  My teachers never gave me a good mark!

My writing skills got into action preparing sermons and bible studies. I became interested in multi-media programs, so monologues and narrations were important elements to develop.

Most of my booklets have been devotional and inspirational. So I became aware of some deep needs that people cope with on a daily basis.

My first novel – The Unbelievable Scars allowed my little grey cells freedom to become stimulation for an over-active imagination. Currently, I am also expecting a fabulous production of my children’s book, Noah and His Ark,  where kids can listen to conversations between some of the animals. This children’s book will be a helpful addition to parents’ and teachers’ shelves.