My name is Aaron Woodson. I am 35 years old. I’m from Vallejo, California. I currently live in Jacksonville, Florida. I am a military veteran and Christian faith believer. I am proud to announce the release of my new book called “The Face of Expression”. It is a collection of heart-felt, introspective, deeply inspired, and poignantly written reflections of poetry. Topics include personal life experiences, love, pain, struggle, growth, racism, faith, tributes, dreams, and freedom.

The message or theme behind this book is expression. Exploring the person inside of you and also observing your external surroundings, too. This book takes you on a journey and will allow you to reflect on how they have come and where they could be presently in in your life. The book is narrated by the author’s personal experiences and by inspirational sources.

The Face of Expression is an entertaining read that readers will savor and can relate to from a humanistic perspective. We all have our issues and struggles in life, yet there is a strong belief that we have hope for a better outcome. While we endure, it is important to remain positive and have faith that what you go through will help you become a better version of you. This book is also refreshing and therapeutic. It allows readers to connect to the author in an intimate way. The Face of Expression gives them something familiar and different at the same time.

The Undying Art of Poetry

A lot of different things give me inspiration to write. I could hear a song, traveling to different places, a thought, or my particular mood that day will translate into a poem. However, I would also say that God gave me the gift to write… so overall, I would say He is the source of it all!

My book takes on an identity of its own. I wouldn’t want to put my body of work into a box. I don’t care much for labels. Poetry has a language of its own and it speaks many dialects. Poetry comes from a person’s heart and it can have an impact on people just like music. Poetry has its own style and appeal. I just let my pen flow on paper. A thought begins the process and words written on paper become art. When I write something down, I see it as what is happening in my mind or how another person might feel. I want my poetry to get my audience’s attention. I want them to remember my words and that they always have something they can go back and reference to.

Why people should or may want to buy my book would be because they can see the value or substance behind the art. I take great pride in offering something to people that will inspire them, give them hope, some peace, and just feel good overall. I believe readers would buy my book because of the connection to me. It’s like them meeting a new friend and them being introduced to a new person they haven’t before. My content is relatable to a lot of my readers. Some things I write will remind them of things they have gone through or are currently going through. What I write is authentic and true to my character. I am willing to give my reader my best and I’m passionate about what I write.