Just this morning, I saw an entire colony of ants crawling from within the Earth from their efficiently carved underground tunnels made with a hive mind to thrive and produce for the whole nest. Then I see from the cracks of the mud the ants had grown wings and are now catching the breeze to fly and scatter like dandelions seeds in the wind. The ant with wings in the wind is my mind and soul and passionate form at the time. What interests me most about this book is that it created a work of fiction becoming reality just as the book itself transforms from fiction to reality in my mind. Perhaps I should explain the work more…

As useful as money is in my life, I have a second pension, the never-ending joy that emulates from a stream of thought that, for the longest time I took for granted. I thought I would always feel this powerful abundance of love and gratitude, though thoughts can take me miles away from anything I found and hold dear, anything that might be familiar to you, things changed and started again completely foreign to me. Everything is that much more powerful with the way we articulate ourselves and communicate to each other. For whatever reason I was hell bent on God’s attention, I only would read about God and mediate for hours, waiting on some sort of message to pour through like a forgotten soldier on a deserted island.

I was so driven to reach some sort of hidden, deeper truth I was willing to give up anything to find. I found myself putting aside my schoolbooks and ultimately not graduating on time just to stay up late, working nights and reading every holy scripture I could get my hands on. I was starting to feel like I was even developing a psychosis over it. What I began to realize is there is magic hiding in plain sight, and mystery keeps unfolding as my faith and intelligence grow stronger. I found what I was writing connected my inner and outer with art as the medium, and life is art; art is life.

The Will to Give Voice for the Silent Words

I read everything I could to learn about God. I was obsessed. In the beautiful complexity of nature, death, and rebirth and the design of how life always thrives and rises above all just like thoughts and ideas passionate to a heart that sometimes fall lost, abandoned, and long forgotten. I went from being myself to somebody else, then back to myself again. I was solidified in character, definition, and seasoned with bittersweet experience.

Life hardened my heart as I gave up on my dream as an author and marketing what seemed to have no place in the world as a marketable book. I was starting to feel disheartened. I then discovered and reread my own words that now feel and seem to have come from beyond me makes much more sense now that I am seasoned with a variety of experiences. I simply had to change how I am in my heart with how I see myself in relation to opening myself to a Higher power; God.

I had three occasions where I felt something strongly urging me to write down what was going through my mind. If you ask me now I’d say Science-Fiction/Fantasy/Spiritual prose and parable. A running theme is good and evil and not being so quick to judge the difference, or to judge somebody. I can’t speak for everyone. I can barely speak for me. Within this book are such bold claims that at times seem more a curse then a cure.

Three bursts of inspiration I contained in this book entitled The Truth start with several pages of dedications of whom this book would not be possible. At the top of the list is Paramahansa Yogananda and Jesus Christ of Nazareth to whom I owe the most gratitude. After that, I also start with an introduction, preface, and letter from the author. After those respectful words of thanks and acknowledgements, the books are properly introduced within a table of contents:


These books are extremely important to me BOOK ONE: STARING INTO THE SUN: THE DEATH OF LUCIFER explains the significance of the logic behind two empathetic and reciprocal heirs in the Kingdom of God, The Heirs being the Archangel Michael and the Archangel Lucifer in a mythological duality of logic and Spirit, the Yin and the Yang, the dark and the light, Jesus and Thomas; The Good Twin and The Evil Twin. Pure Evil and Pure Good is a mirror of altered perspective. One is implosion of a star, the other the birth; both morning and mourning.

The Will to Give Voice for the Silent Words

Jesus and Satan/Lucifer (The Prodigal Son) as good and evil would need to be allied playmates for the Divine Logic of Unconditional Love to work. Even characters older then the ages need to be perfectly invented, just as language needs to be invented to create a vision to truly love your enemies as an extension of yourself. You are put in every moment as they change around and within you building character to truly respect the mercy and the wrath and the harmony between creation and destruction.

BOOK TWO: DEATH OF COLORS: A PARABLE is a book about meeting God, and the mercy and personality of God. God is The Indian and Tex is all the Souls who consider themselves unforgivable. Tex finds himself living in the Afterlife, described in all its’ beautiful glory without had remembered dying.

BOOK THREE: BECOMING PEACE: A GUIDEBOOK is simply that mantras to help you navigate into a free flow formless thought, unfolding and ever winding in the infinite bond between the heart and the imagination wrapped in Truth as God remind us no icy heart can’t be melted.


Love To You All and Happy Reading,

Daniel Arthur Zagaya