Many waited outside St. Mary’s Hospital to witness the new prince of Cambridge, the third child of Prince William and Princess Catherine, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge. It is also announced that the baby’s name will be Prince Louis Arthur Charles, and formally referred as His Royal Highness, Prince Louis of Cambridge.

The prince was born on a Monday, weighing at 8lbs and 7oz at 11 am. The public saw the baby on the afternoon of that day.

The Royal Family Rejoice

According to the news from The Telegraph by their royal correspondents that the Duke of Cambridge is joined by his brother Prince Harry, and soon-to-be sister-in-law, Meghan Markle at Westminister Abbey for the Anzac Day service in Wednesday afternoon, their presence are flooded with questions about the new-born baby, Prince Louis.

Prince Louis full name

Prince William was asked how the Duchess and the baby were doing and he replied, “They’re very well, thanks.”
The Duke of Cambridge also announced that the baby is in good shape, and is sleeping and behaving well.

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle was also very excited and supportive with Prince Louis as they are mostly seen with Prince William and the family nowadays. The brothers live in the same neighborhood which corresponds that Prince Harry and Meghan is just a few sprints away.

The Prince of Wales, Charles Philip Arthur George, is also excited about having another grandson: “It is a great joy to have another grandchild, the only trouble is I don’t know how I am going to keep up with them.”

Aunt Pippa Matthews was the first visitor driving into the palace to spend several hours with Princess Catherine, her sister.

Prince George and Princess Charlotte had already been ushered with their new responsibility as big brother and sister in their own home on Tuesday.

Queen Elizabeth however, didn’t have the chance to meet her great-grandson for she was in Windsor complying duties at the castle on Wednesday.

What’s in a Name?

The new prince’s name is a combination of other prince in the royal family. Prince Charles Philip Arthur George, Prince William Arthur Philip Louis and Prince George Alexander Louis. His name has taken four days to reveal to the public and as a courtesy, the Queen must be informed before it is announced.

But most of all, the name was honored by Louis Mountbatten, the Duke of Edinburgh’s mentor who was killed by an IRA bomb in 1979.

Louis was the 71st most popular name in England and Wales, the figures were from the Office of National Statistics.

Life as Royalty

It is obvious fact that this prince will live a posh and privileged life, being the youngest child of the duke and duchess of Cambridge.

The prince of Cambridge is the sixth grandchild of the Queen and of Prince Philip. He is also the fifth in line of the succession of the throne, making his older siblings, Prince George and Princess Charlotte before him.

The specific hierarchy for the throne is: Queen Elizabeth: the sovereign, Prince Charles: the Prince of Wales, Prince William: The Duke of Cambridge, Prince George of Cambridge, Princess Charlotte of Cambridge, Prince Louis of Cambridge, Prince Harry of Wales, Prince Andrew: The Duke of York, Princess Beatrice: The Duchess of York, Princess Eugenie of York, and lastly the Earl of Wessex.

Of course, after Prince Harry marries and starts his own family, the hierarchy will change once again – or, if the Duchess of Cambridge gives birth to her fourth child.

Prince Louis full name

The hierarchy or order of succession is dictated by an act of Parliament. Recently, the Succession to the Crown Act amended that future females to keep their place in the line even if they have a younger brother. It is also stated in the 2013 act that the royals will still be in the line of succession of the throne even if they married a Catholic.

Prince Louis will unlikely have his seat on the throne since that his rank will go down once his older siblings will have children of their own in the future.

As of now, Prince William and Princess Catherine are trying to settle as a family of five. Having three children, they have more responsibilities in their hands rather than a member of the royal family.

QUICK FACT: Like ordinary citizens, the royal couple also likes watching the HBO fantasy series Game of Thrones.

A Contribution for Lord Mountbatten

The Prince of Wales is very delighted for the duke and duchess to name their child the exact first name as his great uncle, the first Earl Mountbatten of Burma.

Louis Mountbatten was a British Royal Navy officer and statesman. During WW2, he was Supreme Allied Commander of South East Asia. Lord Mountbatten was the First Sea Lord and then became the Chief of the Defense Staff. He was considered the longest serving professional head of the British Armed Forces to date.

Mountbatten was unfortunately killed by a bomb that was planted in his fishing boat, the bomb was from the Provisional Irish Republican Army.