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Full name: Thomas Glen Turner
Age: 68
Birthdate: October 6, 1950
Birth Place: Des Moines, Iowa
No. of Books Written: 20 Children’s books
Genre: Bilingual (English, Spanish ), Children’s fantasy

Interesting Facts

  • Most of my life after the age of 18 has been spent studying nutrition, biochemistry and the relationship between these sciences and health/disease prevention and physical fitness. I also have a certification as a personal trainer. In my studies on nutrition, I came upon a book: Rational Fasting, written by Dr. Arnold Ehret, a German physician who lived in the latter part of the nineteenth century and early part of this century. His seminal publication: Rational Fasting can be found online and order via a Google search. His theories on health or rather observations led him to the conclusion that in nature when animals are injured and cannot forage for food, their only doctor is the innate recuperative biochemical powers in their body’s immune system. If an animal or a human can stay adequately hydrated and simply rest when ill or injured, the body’s innate biochemical and immunological system go to work, metabolizing stored tissue reserves to try to heal whatever by an extremely complex immune and regenerative system. I have fasted, ( gone without food, only fresh water to drink for about 25 times for periods ranging from 4 days to about 23 days ) It takes a lot of concentration and focus, so it is best undertaken in a quiet, isolated place. Ideally, I extrapolated my weight loss to project that I was capable of drinking water only for about 7 weeks. Your rate of metabolism of course slows, so as to restrict your ability to expend a lot of energy, so most of the time must be spent in bed, or you will just pass out if you get too active. Adrenaline, fueled by rage can help you push through low blood sugar and early exhaustion, as I discovered while chopping trees outside of Santa Cruz, California. I worked 8 hours a day for 13 days on just spring water, using an axe to chop large tree sections into firewood. The rage I felt kept me going until I crashed on day 13, and was no longer able to walk from my tent in the forest to work. I stopped by the foreman’s house to request anything to eat or future wood chopping was not something I was capable of doing for lack of strength. He refused to even give me an apple, so I relinquished my axe and hitchhiked to San Francisco. There my brother put me up, until I could get some food in my system and look for a job in the city. I went through a lot of acute depression, low self-esteem etc. But when you choose a goal in life you do not see the obstacles in the way, only attaining your goal. Eventually, I moved to San Diego, California and came upon an alternative path to my goal. As I noticed each time I fasted my diet became more naturally inclined: raw fruit, nuts and seeds, yogurt other dairy products and whole grain cereals. Now at 68, although emotionally exhausted, I do not have to think about what to eat. My body restricts itself to primarily raw fruit, nuts and seeds, and whey protein powder, which has a biological value of about 85% pure protein with all the essential amino acids. My yearly physical exams reveal blood work and vital signs of a healthy 18-year-old, so although disappointed in my inability to focus, natural health and a clean diet combined with weight control and daily exercise were my ultimate goals. So, although residual depression and loneliness still haunt me, I’m OK.
  • I finished my Master of Science equivalency at the University of South Florida in Tampa. My entire career I was pulled out of my area of certification to teach in elementary, middle and high schools with a large number of immigrant children primarily from Central America, the islands of the Caribbean and Haiti, where children are taught in French, k through 4th grade before switching over to their hybrid language, Creole. It got me a lot of jobs everywhere I taught, but the school system rules are strict: You can only teach out of field, I am certified elementary, 1st through 5th grade, for one year then you must transfer to a different grade level, including high school, to teach in ESOL classes. “English for Speakers of Other Languages” I spent the rest of my teaching career moving from school to school or middle school to high school, whatever. I also was used for free as the school’s on site translator, for which I was compensated nothing. I got disgusted using my translation abilities for free, ( since professional translators are usually paid at least $75 an hour ) I had my own private tutoring business for your average folk and got all my students into college for pennies on the dollar.
  • Now my hope is that your company can saturate Facebook, the internet, whatever tricks you have up your sleeve to get this book some traction via the internet, primarily to Spanish speaking children for $3.99. My first publisher: Authorhouse ripped me off for about $14,000 and a bunch of lies with regard to their marketing expertise, which was 90% lies and Random House, Cambridge, Disney, and other big name publishers would not even return my free copies of Marleth, which if you have not looked around a lot, is the most beneficent, child-friendly book out there. My half Hispanic daughter did all the original artwork and graphic design for the entire book, so artistically speaking, she is no slouch. If you could get this book out there I could maybe make enough money to write you 20 more. The premise is simple: think like a child, write at a level I was professionally trained to employ and use telekinesis, telepathy, any other trick in the book to hook into the huge imagination of poor Hispanic kids. And since most are raised in small towns or in the jungle, their natural ability to relate to what I am selling: i.e. nature is your friend and protector, maybe I could stop looking at homelessness as a possible future and make some money for me and a return on your investment for you. This book series is totally geared to animated cartoon shows, movies, video stuff, you tell me. The big difference is I have 35 years experience with indigenous people from Spanish speaking countries. I know what their kids are thinking before they do. Help me please.

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