Everyone has a lover now. Everyone is dating someone now. Well, not to be bitter or something, but it is unfortunately true. There was a time that I walked down the street, and guess what? Lovers were everywhere. Either holding hands or making out. To top it off, my friends kept nagging me to get a guy and date him or settle down with a boyfriend, but I am the lazy type.

Sure, love is great and all, must put in the effort and boom the chemistry is unpredictable at the same time unstoppable. (Until it chokes you to death!) Comments aside, I took up my friend’s dating advice and used Tinder for months, and these are some of the etiquettes I have learned, experienced, and have applied.


‘Honesty is the best policy’ as you’ve probably heard since you were a child. But, just so you know, social media sites are swarming with ‘catfish’. Catfishes are those people who pretend to be another person in online accounts. They lie about their age, their place, or entirely who they really are. For example, in his profile, it says he is 23 years old but sooner or later you’ll find out that he was actually 29. Honesty is really an important factor here. You don’t want to date a guy or even a girl twice – or worse – thrice older than you are, right?

So when interacting with strangers online, be kind and honest. Not too honest though, which will bring us to the next tip.

tinder dating tips for millennials


Never be too honest. It can bring harm or danger to you. As I said above, honesty is a positive trait in online dating, especially when you want to interact with people you haven’t met yet sincerely.

But too much is always bad. You might not want to attract stalkers or even get killed for being too honest. “Got killed because was too honest” will not be a great reason for you to die. Security and privacy are important for each and every one. Trust is not a joke that can be given to someone, especially when that person is someone you just met online. There will always be precaution and care upon giving trust to someone.

Unless you have met this person personally or you have video chatted him and interacted with him with you having access to actually look at him virtually. Then, in that case, you decide to give him the trust or not. I have a teacher once she somewhat fell in love with a guy that she met online and talked on hours end, only to find out it was her friend trying to squeeze out info out of her.

Stay safe. Lock your secrets, everyone.

Everyone is not the same.

Everyone is different. We are that unique. We stand alone as someone who has no identical persona of every aspect. You might find some people who are ‘like’ you but never really the ‘same’ as you. Thus, while some people may not like sarcastic, rude remarks, there are some who find them humorous. Always be kind in approaching someone you haven’t met before. Do not also pretend to be sickly sweet when you are not. What I am trying to imply is that, get to know the person first so that you’ll know how to interact with him or her in a better way.

tinder dating tips for millennials

Not a hook-up site.

Sadly, Tinder was meant for dating but sooner it turned into a hook-up site. The misconception of the entirety makes it even more confusing. The site was originally for you to look for a guy that fits your taste and standards, eradicating the problem of distance and lack of time.

Sadly, now it is used for people who are actually looking for a booty call. Set the distance parameter short and boom, she is on her way to you, about to have a wild night.

I don’t judge people on how they use dating apps, but I am encouraging the new generation to actually use it for how it was meant.


This is my biggest problem of all. Say, you got a boyfriend, but unknowingly is dating other three girls in your class. Then you actually brag about him, unknowingly bragging about one person. It’s frustrating, I know, then sadly you all realize one thing. You’ve been played. But then again, who am I to decide what people do anyway? Can’t you actually just pick one?

Love is really hard to find and the search can be frustrating. You know what I learned from the months of shenanigans I have been through? One most important thing I learned is that everything happens for a reason.

And love? I don’t have a boyfriend to brag at the moment, but I know it will come. Patience is the key. Also, a bird cannot fly without exerting the effort to flap its wings, but if destiny writes it, it will never have a dull moment.

I hope you find the one for you.