To Cope Up and Move On

More than just a physical ailment, cancer has tremendous effects also on patient’s emotional, spiritual, and mental aspects. And this effect does not end with the last treatment. Cancer survivors know better than to underestimate the power of trauma. How hard is it to cope up with the missing days of one’s life and move forward?

Cancer experience is not just about survival— it’s about continuous transformation.

Physical, emotional, and spiritual freedom are not instantly attained days after the last treatment. Cancer survivors have to face many challenges as they try to reclaim their life, which includes reclaiming the almost-done-for relationship with self, others, and God. With all those isolated days, they probably feel left behind by time. With all the anxiety and uncertainty still lingering within them months after the last treatment, starting a new life may become yet another very hard struggle to deal with. It takes a lot of courage to pick one’s self up after a fall.

A ten-year cancer survivor herself, author, Claire Lamoureux, shares in this book her personal journey towards continuous healing and evident transformation. Picking oneself up may be so hard and there are many hesitations at first, but she believes that reflecting upon their personal journey is a way of working through whatever is preventing them from moving forward. Reliving the pain of the cancer experience breaks one in the process… and molds him/her as well.

This book, Picking Up the Pieces: Life After Cancer, is a great help for cancer survivors— a light of hope for those who wish to heal and grow emotionally and spiritually from the cancer experience. It’s a source of encouragement and support for those who are ready to face the challenge and live life in a richer perspective.


Know the Author:

Claire Brissette-Lamoureux, Ph.D., is a psychotherapist, spiritual director, and energy healing practitioner. She holds a master’s degree in formative spirituality and a doctoral degree in pastoral psychology. She is the author of Journey Out of Chaos and Reflective Living: A Spiritual Approach to Everyday Life. She and her husband live in South Attleboro, Massachusetts.