Two Enjoyable Tales for Children


The Mysterious Pumpkin Patch

By: George E. Richardson


The Mysterious Pumpkin Patch is an ideal children’s book for the fall season. This story is captivating and keeps the attention of the children. The author uses pumpkins to demonstrate how others may be different and how we should respond to them. In this story, the pumpkins are very different to what the farmer is used to growing. Reluctant to open the pumpkin patch to the public because of the odd-looking pumpkins, he contemplates plowing the entire crop under. But when some children who visited the pumpkin patch saw them, they convinced the farmer that his pumpkins are an excellent crop and would be liked by the children in the community. Not wanting to disappoint the people who come to his patch each year, he reluctantly opened the patch to the public. The response from the children and parents is not at all what he anticipated.

This book is eye catching with its beautiful pictures. The pumpkins are ideal for teaching boys and girls about accepting diversity. The book reveals the “mystery” as to why all the pumpkins decided to be different that year. You will find it interesting, funny, and educational.

The Mysterious Pumpkin Patch is written to target students of all ages. Even toddlers and infants will find it interesting and captivating due to the colorful pictures that are found on each page.

The book can be found at Barnes and Nobles and Amazon. This book is ideal for the fall season and is a must for your child’s library.

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The Clash with Robin and Squirrel

By: George E. Richardson


Robin’s instincts told her not to be too friendly with Squirrel, nor trust him. But Squirrel seemed polite and convincing.  So against her better judgment, Robin took his word that he would stay away from her nest. The Clash with Robin and Squirrel is a story about trust and what happens when trust is broken and violated.

Robin built her nest in the most secluded part of the tree far away from the traffic of the other animals. To her surprise, Squirrel showed up and offered to help her build he nest. Robin showed no interest in his help and asked to leave her alone. Squirrel stayed away for a while but with two eggs in the nest, Squirrel honesty and integrity was put to the test.

The Clash with Robin and Squirrel is a book that teaches children the importance of being honest, keeping your promise, and how others feel about us when we break our promise. Parents and children will find this book interesting, provocative, and inspiring. In addition, this book gives its readers a glimpse into the struggles animals face for survival in their habitat.

The Clash with Robin and Squirrel is well illustrated and is one that will keep your child’s attention during the reading process. It can also be obtained through Barnes and Nobles and Amazon.

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