Did you know for the last 2000 years, Christianity has emphasized something that Jesus never taught? Now, mankind questions if there were errors made in past teachings and come to realize that Jesus offered a new approach to God that included all men. This book offers an original understanding of Jesus who came to earth to impart two lessons about his Father in heaven. Based on these two lessons, we overturn some long-standing beliefs as well as identify a lower morality passed off as modern Christianity.

Jesus’ teachings began to be changed with the salesmanship of Paul who interpreted the death of Jesus in a way that would win over the unbelieving Jews. Even though Paul did it with the highest intentions, the teachings of Jesus/God were far better than what Paul invented, trying to interpret the death of Jesus through a Jewish lens. While Jesus was universal, Paul narrowed Christianity to fit in with the Jewish ceremonies and beliefs.

How could Jesus’ apostles forget his two spiritual lessons? It’s easy— they were human! There are three reasons they made them secondary teachings. First, seeing a person you believed to be the Son of God tortured to death and then rise from the grave would be foremost on his apostle’s minds, and they would want to tell everyone the good news that Jesus was alive. Second, they could not help but internalized the Master’s teachings based on their life experiences and religious background. Remember, the apostles were devout Jews. Third, mankind’s approach and understanding of God certainly evolved from two thousand years ago. This book separates all the above factors from Jesus’ revelation of his Father.

Do you ever question some of the Church’s teachings? You may be right. We assume that Jesus taught equal sharing, competitive roles, and personal freedom. Yet, unchecked, these are suicidal. Have you wondered if evolution and the big bang contradict God’s existence? Is a woman’s career counter to her love for her children? Do we have an immortal soul, every human housing divinity, or a potentially immortal soul? I explore answers to challenging questions from great minds like Soren Kierkegaard, Friedrich Nietzsche, and Jesus.

What is so appealing about the New Age teachings? Pews come to be unoccupied as more choose the idea that all survive death, as we learn our lessons through many lifetimes. Some good teachings do come from the New Age but not all of them are true. I studied under a master Esoteric Astrologer, Michael O. Boyce, who helped me see my soul working on the higher etheric and mental plane and discovered my soul purpose from my chart. I relate my personal lessons from this fascinating and well-thought-out approach, and how it supports and differs from Christian theology.

The reasons for the Son of God coming to earth are becoming clearer today. A new, unified, worldwide revelation is being taught. This book renews the emphasis Jesus placed on his original teachings, that are reinforced and enhanced by many of our current traditions, and an acid-test to help discern what is true. You will also gain a better understanding of the soul, if you are saved, and what being spiritual means.

Christian unity is critical in today’s world. Take this step toward common goals without compromising the place of Jesus, true God and true man, in the walk towards brotherhood. Learn what you can do to strengthen your own and other’s faith, by building upon a slightly different religious axiom. Like a mathematical proof, we reach dramatically new conclusions which are more universal and farther reaching. God’s kingdom will be established down here, guaranteed.

Gregg Tomusko has a Master of Science in Applied Mathematics from Cleveland State University and studied for the priesthood at Borromeo Seminary. He is a teacher of Religious Education, a Fourth Degree Knight of Columbus, and a former Scoutmaster. He enjoys religion and philosophy, song lyrics and poems, and dogs; each being subjects of his six books. He has been a student of the Urantia Book for over fifty years which has inspired his works.


Search for his books by entering ‘Gregg Tomusko’ on Amazon.com. The following are the other five books he has written:


Kristofferson and Yeats

The next generation’s text for English Lit! An anthology should include works from today’s artists: Kris Kristofferson, Leonard Cohen, Bob Dylan . . . as well as treasures from yesteryear: W.B. Yeats, T.S. Eliot, Longfellow. . . If not in a book, they may get lost forever. These are much more than crafted rhymes; they bring God to mankind through truth, beauty, and goodness.




The War for Minds

Behind today’s clashes and confusion lies an old battle: the thinking of Jesus versus the insurrection propaganda of Lucifer. If you can’t recognize it, you are working for Lucifer. If you’re taking the high road and demonstrating Christian concerns, you are unwittingly working for Lucifer. Over a hundred years ago Nietzsche saw that what we call Christianity is quite often its opposite.



Why Do Doggies Smile?

If you love dogs and want to learn why doggies love us too. Beautiful photos of multiple breeds. Two other books are included that captures a boy’s imagination which increases with visits to historical military sites, and what to do when your son refuses mom’s dinner.




College Math for Children

 How did I do so well in math? The only possible explanation is great teachers who first walked me through the concept before solving problems. If I own a well-organized cabinet, it takes seconds to put things back where they belong. A child knows where to put toys away because they understand the idea behind a storage area. Once you understand the concept, problems become easier to solve – even in Mathematics – even for children.



What You’d Buy Me?

A collection of 52 poems, including “Auschwitz”, “Bethlehem”, and “Christmas Is Near”, essays from my teaching days, presentations from a Catholic Renewal, quips, and ruminations. My son would greet me “What you’d buy me?” I hoped to capture that same honesty in my poems and essays.