Dogs for Kids

People should consider getting a dog for their household. This is especially so when there are children at home. Kids are actually very easy to convince when it comes to having a pet at home. The furry animals look like stuffed toys to then; they tend to love to be around cute dogs. As parents though, you need to understand that owning a dog isn’t all roses and sunshine. Owning a puppy, on top of having a child, spells double trouble. Regardless, parents should make it possible for the child to have a positive experience of owning a pup.

The first thing that you have to make your child understand is that having a pet isn’t all fun. You need to teach the child patience to deal with the little animal. You also have to encourage them to put in the effort and time to care for their chosen puppy. The child won’t be good at it overnight. You, the child, and even the dog may go through a frustrating time. The child will get better at it over time, though. By the end of it all, the effort the entire family puts into caring for the furry animal will be worth it.

Why should you go through all the trouble of owning and caring for a pet though?

There are numerous reasons for this. Getting a furry friend at home has health benefits for your newborn. Children who are exposed to animals while they are still young tend to have a lower risk of developing asthma or any other common allergies. This is due to the fact that their immune system is being developed to be capable of fighting off allergens. These allergens include dust, pollen, mold spores, and the likes. Having a puppy around can improve the child’s immune system, thus making the little one healthier.

Another benefit of having a pet around is that it will encourage your child to go out and play. Nowadays, the Internet and computer games lure children to stay indoors. With dogs around, children will have the motivation to play outside. The child can play hide-and-seek or go-chase with the little one. If the dog is a bit grown, they can go for walks or a run. While the child brings the dog outside to play or for exercise, they are also improving their own physical health. Being active will keep them healthy and energetic.

Instilling a sense of responsibility is another advantage of having a dog at home. This is because children tend to play “parents” to their dogs. The child will care for the puppy as if it is their own child, if not a sibling. The more frequent they are playing “parents” to the dog, the closer they get.

The dog can be your child’s companion as they grow up. These fur babies will become loyal friends who won’t abandon your child. This is especially so when danger is imminent. Especially when they are cuddling, the child will feel safe. Being close to the dog can lessen their anxiety, loneliness, or stress. The dog is the best helper you have in ensuring the child’s positive mental state.

Tykes Magazine promotes having dogs at home. Children should have a pet to accompany them as they grow old. Pets are family, after all.