Ultimate Cruelty

This book was written with much detail, concerning the loss of a mother’s youngest daughter Emilie, 16, who mysteriously goes missing while dropping of a cat. Marie Paris, Emilie’s mother, recalls, as she writes the heinous details surrounding her daughter’s wrongful demise. The story is based on true experiences, with facts. After a 22-hour search and police had been notified about her overnight disappearance. We were told to go home and wait. At 1:30 am the dreaded knock came on my door, a knock that has changed my life forever.

In 2005 drugs were easily attainable at most corners; but when Emilie’s autopsy showed one injection with enough Fentanyl to kill two people. We were shocked as Emilie was petrified of needles and what was this drug Fentanyl doing on the streets for others to die.

As a mother, I read the transcripts of 3 men charged with dumping her body next to a garbage dumpster, making her look like a spaced-out hooker high on drugs. “Known Drug- user” was on the detective’s notes. It was during this time that I had an instant urge to write her story to warn others out there, the things we are not aware of that surround our teenagers; older boyfriends, drugs, and a very dangerous world. There’s a drug called opioids and it will kill like a bullet.

Ultimate Cruelty

As I placed the pieces together I soon realized that the name Fentanyl was written in the transcripts by Emilie’s ex Scott and Harley the driver of the car which transported a dying girl.

Within 8 months each of the 3 men was charged receiving 6 months and 3 months already served.

Page 418 pp.3 Judge O’Hara before handing down his sentence, told us, the family, that “we were lucky that Emilie’s body had not been chopped up in pieces, that we were lucky they had not dumped her in a ditch where she may not have been found until spring,”

Today’s thousands are dying from the same drug, I tried to warn about, before the epidemic spread. If my daughter’s death had been an accidental overdose, I would leave it be; but dead bodies don’t bleed with cuts and bruises. This to me was a different type of a murder.