So, you’re a bibliophile? You love books and Paperclips Magazine, eh? Wonderful thing. We understand books are great that is why you love them, but loving them too much comes with its fair share of struggles that probably, only the real bibliophiles can understand— as we do. We, also, are familiar with undeniable truths such as these:

  1. Dying a little bit inside every time you see somebody who borrowed your book bends the cover horribly while reading.
  2. Books that you found so scary you have to lock them in the closet or under a stack of bibles at least for the night.
  3. Books that are quite sexy you worry reading them in public could damage your reputation.
  4. Books so funny you found yourself laughing alone at a restaurant.
  5. Falling in love with a character you know so well won’t exist.
  6. The unreasonable disappointment of discovering that your ultimate quirky character crush is everyone’s secret quirky character crush as well.
  7. When you’re only two pages to go, and your mother calls you to wash the dishes.
  8. Naming your favorite things like your guitar, laptop, pillow after your favorite fictional characters, and be called abnormal by your non-reading real human loved ones.
  9. Crying silently every single time you remember the unfair destiny of the Old Man in the Old Man and the Sea or the heartwrenching death of Dobby in Harry Potter.
  10. You want to read again the book you found terrific when you were a kid, but unfortunately, all you can remember is that it had a dog in it, or maybe a horse. Nope, it probably was a unicorn or something.
  11. Cracked spines. And uncracked spines. Both.
  12. Books that won’t stay open when you’re trying to read and eat at the same time.
  13. Mispronouncing words because you only have read them in books and haven’t heard them out loud.
  14. Worrying about your favorite author because of that thing where authors have lives, but you have needs.
  15. Missing pages. The book is almost useless. Agree?
  16. Huge disappointment after your favorite book gets adapted for films.
  17. Feeling like you have to “forgive” your loved ones for not appreciating your favorite book the way you do.
  18. Wishing you could send your nephew, whenever he misbehaves, to Miss Trunchbull or Miss Minchin.
  19. Using your phone as a bookmark, forgetting you’ve done so, not finding it till hours later.
  20. Using unpaid electricity bill as a bookmark is an even worse idea.
  21. Not sleeping at all just to finish a book before anyone else you know, and having no one to talk to about it after.
  22. Finding scary stuff or stains in the pages of borrowed books. Yikes.
  23. Others start talking in a British accent after a trip to London while you begin to sound like Hagrid after reading just a few pages of Harry Potter— no sweat.

From now on, view yourself from a place of acceptance based on the undeniable truth that nothing is wrong with you and it’s okay to be exactly the way you are right now. There are many bibliophiles out there, and they are familiar with that life.