Creation, Path of the Soul is a metaphysical book and in many respects an owner’s manual for the lower aspects of the Soul. It goes into detail from the beginning, even prior to creation, to give us an understanding of the metaphysical principles we need to climb the ladder on our path. It’s always better to know why we are doing something rather than being told to do something and not knowing why. How else can we know if what we are doing is really working?

This book starts out with an abbreviated account of creation and the soul as given in the Kabbala. From ancient times, the Jewish people were the custodians of the Kabbala, but the Kabbala holds the secret keys to the mystery teachings of the western world.

It is within the soul, which extends through creation, that we find the “Path”. The soul and the path are one and the same and is explained in detail in Creation, Path of the Soul.

Each plane of creation and each plane of the Soul, from the Spiritual Plane, to the Divine Mental Plane, to the Astral Plane, and, finally, all the way down to the Material body, are, also, covered in detail. Since we as a soul are the “Little Adam” compared to the “Great Adam” (Adam Kadmon — creation as a whole including the higher planes) each component of our Soul is an exact replica of creation from the Cosmic Consciousness down to the material plane: as above, so below.

As a soul, we are on the Path, either consciously or subconsciously. What exactly is the path? How can we find the path? And, what is involved in walking the path? These are some of the things we must know so that we can begin to visualize the path and where it is leading us. It is essential to know the reasoning behind anything we are led to do on the path.

Understanding the Will of the Cosmos and the Meaning of our Existence

Every soul has a path from wherever they are in any plane of creation. The path of an enlightened soul is different from the path we are “climbing”. An enlightened soul’s path has free access to all the powers, forces and energies of the Cosmic Consciousness. Their path is free and clear with no obstruction of any kind and enlightened souls have direct communication with the Cosmic Consciousness. That is what we are aiming for as we walk our path, a clearing of all obstructions and free access to God, or the Cosmic.

There are several disciplines we are led to do while following the path to help clear away these obstructions. We are told that in our meditations we must strive to enter into the silence. Once in the silence, then we need to listen for the “voice in the silence”, or “the voice within”. What is the silence and what is its relevance to our path? To understand the silence, we must go behind or beyond creation because that is where true silence lies. This is covered in this book.

This voice in the silence comes to us through the subconscious mind and manifests in the conscious mind. For many of us, we cannot hear this voice. Either we aren’t listening for this voice, or there is some obstruction between the conscious and subconscious minds. In Creation, Path of the Soul, exercises are given to clear any obstruction between the two minds and then to coordinate and harmonize the conscious and subconscious minds. The more the conscious and subconscious minds are coordinated and harmonized, the easier it is to hear this inner voice.

Creation, Path of the Soul is primarily concerned with the soul, or path, and does not give methods to create here in the material plane. There are plenty of other books for those methods. However, this book talks about how to coordinate and harmonize with our Higher Self. The Sermon on the Mount says: “Lay not up for yourselves treasures upon earth, where moth and rust doth corrupt, and where thieves break through and steal: But lay up for yourselves treasures in heaven, where neither moth nor rust doth corrupt, and where thieves do not break through nor steal: For where your treasure is, there will your heart be also.” Matthew 6:19-21

Understanding the Will of the Cosmos and the Meaning of our Existence

Creation, Path of the Soul, illustrates what the true “treasure” is for all souls. Material things will take care of themselves because of the promise: “But seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness, and all these things shall be added unto you.” Matthew 6:33

For the seeker who would really like to follow the path, and for those who are following the path, Creation, Path of the Soul, is an invaluable study guide and reference book.

It is through the coordination and harmonization of the conscious and subconscious minds that we can perceive the Father within. The “Father” is the higher aspects of the soul, our Higher Self.

With this coordination and harmonization of the two minds, the conscious and subconscious, we will receive all the guidance we need from our Father to show us our steps on our path: “All things are delivered to me of my Father.” Luke 10:22

There are physical locations in the body where the conscious and subconscious minds have occult centers in the astral anatomy. By knowing these locations, it is easier to open the channel between the two minds. These physical locations are covered in detail in Creation, Path of the Soul.

Astral projection is covered in Creation, Path of the Soul. Our soul extends from the Cosmic Consciousness to our material bodies, and to do this, the soul passes through the Spiritual, Mental and Astral Planes. Our path from here in the material plane back to the Cosmic of necessity must pass through all of the higher planes. Astral projection is covered in detail in Creation, Path of the Soul. Because everyone is different, techniques to project are not given. However, a reference to other books on projection are given. Find the book that resonates with you and projection is easy.

Understanding the Will of the Cosmos and the Meaning of our Existence

The Akashic Records are, also, covered. The Akashic Records are a record of every past life we have lived. By re-experiencing these past lives, we can see where we’ve been previously and what we did in past lives. Every past life makes up who we are today. Our past lives are a part of us, not in memory, but in actual make up. Because past lives are a part of us, we have every triumph and failure we experienced in the past.

By going back to past lives, we awaken that life within us and the experiences of that life can be used in this life when we extract what we need. If we need strength, there will be several lives where we had great strength, and we can use that in our present life. There were past lives where we were on the path and made great strides. Those experiences, too, can be used by us in this life. The Akashic Records can be an invaluable asset for us to use.

An easy exercise is given to be able to go to the Akashic Records, an exercise that gives wonderful results usually the first or second time tried. Our whole past is there waiting for us to rediscover and use in this lifetime.

For the seeker of truth, this book as a reference book is an invaluable investment and could be the first step needed on the path of the soul.


About the Author

Understanding the Will of the Cosmos and the Meaning of our Existence

John Michael Paul, now retired, was a minister for a small metaphysical church. He taught students from all over the world. His studies include the Kabbala, mysticism of the Bible, and comparative religions. He now enjoys writing books on metaphysical subjects.


Understanding the Will of the Cosmos and the Meaning of our ExistenceCreation-Path of the Soul 

by John Michael Paul

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