There are characters meant for serious dialogues while there are those who are written for comedic relief. Characters for comedic relief function mostly, as their name suggests, in providing a good laugh for the readers. They are written for the purpose of adding comedy to a book. However, don’t just box them to that humor-inducing role. They definitely have many other functions that can help in improving the pace, plot, and “awesome” factor of your masterpiece. If you use them well, they’ll do more than just tickle your readers’ funny bone.

Comic relief characters for information dump.

When the pace of the story moves too fast, there is a great danger that the reader will disengage. That is definitely a big NO for authors as it will make them lose readers. For that, the comic relief characters who are as confused and bewildered as the audience can be a great source of information while adding comedy to a book. You won’t lose touch with the pace of the story as well.

Comic relief characters can help ease tension.

When there is too much tension and anxiety in the scene, the comic relief character goes into action as a sort of relief for the audience. Without these characters, the audience will feel emotionally exhausted. The characters designated for comic relief are the ones who can provide the audience a breather.

Comic relief characters for the plot twist.

There are comic relief characters who can be used as a red herring. Red herring is the term used to refer something that distracts or misleads from important issues. When the reader put the comic character “in place”, them breaking character will definitely bring a great impact to the story.

Comic relief characters should be as multidimensional as lead characters.

Above all, the comic relief characters are important people in the story. Give depth to their character. Don’t just put them in the novel as a way to get laughs. Comic relief characters can bring more life to your masterpiece.

Now, with your story, do you have a comic relief character? What role do you plan to have them take?