Admit it. You also almost lost your cool upon the Wreck-it-Ralph x Disney Princesses crossover video release. Did I mention it’s part of Ralph Breaks the Internet movie? Be it a spoiler or a trailer but we find it really beauticool. Beautiful and cool, oh come on!

Crossovers are really exciting. Some crossovers are disappointing but this is not one of it (most claim and we think the same). Imagine all of the Princess of Disney’s 95-year history. The classic princesses rebooted and placed in one room is not a scene you see every day.

Vanellope is a Disney Princess and she is the cutest!

Vanellope Von Shweetz is undeniably a princess of her own kingdom – The Sugar Rush, but after today, Disney welcomes her to the classic princess’ band. Without a question, she is the cutest, the tiniest, not as feisty as Mulan or Merida but definitely as adventurous as the rest of them.

Here’s a million-dollar question:
Did a man came to your life and solved all your problems?

If YES, then you might also be a Disney Princess!

Watch the video below

Ralph Breaks the  Internet

Genre: Animation, Adventure, Comedy
Showing Date:  21 November 2018
Content Rating: PG
Director: Phil Johnston and Rich Moore
Voice Acting Cast: John C. Reilly as Ralph, Sarah Silverman as Vanellope, Gal Gadot as Shank, Taraji P. Henson as Yess, Jack McBrayer as Felix