This book is about the pain I feel about losing people I love. It’s about saying good-bye and letting go. I’ve always had trouble letting go of people that I love. Saying good-bye hurts so much. And I was very angry. I’m still angry. This book is my way of saying good-bye and starting to let go of the pain. I just want other people out there to know that I know how they feel or to give them words for their feelings.

My name is Andrea Powell. I grew up in the small town of Gordon Georgia. I had four brothers and sisters. Although I have never thought about being a writer, I have always loved to read and write. As an aspiring 8th grader, I was diagnosed with a learning disability known as dyslexia. It affects my ability to read and spell words correctly. During this time, I was faced with other challenges in my life. One of those challenges was having to deal with the sudden death of my brother, Andre DeWayne Powell. I didn’t know what to with all the pain I was dealing with that day. I was sitting in my classroom and started to feel myself breaking down. I didn’t want to start crying in the middle of my classroom, so I picked a pen and started writing. That was my saving grace. Over the next few years, I lost other people that I loved very much.

Something happened that changed my life forever. My mother Estella Basley Powell passed away from breast cancer. I took care of my mom while she was sick. I was right by her side when she left this life. I was so sad and angry. I’m still angry. After that, I was in a very dark and unhealthy place. I couldn’t see a way out. I had to reach out for help. Although that wasn’t enough. I still had so many feelings I couldn’t verbalize. I needed to get them out, so I continued to write more. I wrote down what I couldn’t say. All the feelings I had inside, and all the anger I felt, I put it all in a book I later called “Veil of Tears”. That is what this book is about. Pain, loss, anger, rage, and trying to find the strength inside yourself to let go and move on. In this book are things I couldn’t say out loud. This book was birthed out of pain and loss, and I couldn’t be prouder of it!



Book Title: Veil of Tears

Author: Andrea Powell

Genre: Literature & Fiction, Poetry

Paperback: 50 pages

Publisher: XLIBRIS

Language: English

ISBN-10: 149908093X

ISBN-13: 978-1499080933

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