The Marvel Universe always has complicated characters and relationships. At some point, we have friends turning into enemies and enemies turning to friends. The universe itself is pretty complex. Nevertheless, it isn’t hard to understand, even with all the stories interchanging at some point. One of the relationships that seem rather strange and strained is the one with Spider-Man and Venom.

We all know that Venom has always been a strange character. People often question his place in a world of superheroes – something both the comics and films never fail to show. Of course, in films, we are not going to see much of Peter Parker and Venom on the same screen. Currently, Venom is existing in a continuity outside of the Marvel Cinematic Universe (their contracts say so). Even so, the comics still link Peter Parker and Venom strongly.



What’s With the Venom and Spider-Man Rivalry?

A lot of you may refer to Venom as an anti-hero but he is so much more than that. In fact, Venom is first and foremost, a sentient alien Symbiote with “an amorphous, liquid-like form”. He basically survives by merging with a host and prefers humans, most likely for their strength.

The comics show that Venom’s very first host was, in fact, Spider-Man. Later on, Peter Parker finds out about the sentient creature and its true nature, ultimately parting ways with it in The Amazing Spider-Man #258 (comic book).

This takes us to Eddie Brock, one of Venom’s other host, who ends up being Spider-Man’s arch nemesis. Brock is notorious in a lot of ways but he is where Venom originally stemmed from. Of course, Eddie isn’t the only one the Symbiote merges with. Before he settled for Eddie’s body, it merged with other people in search of a more capable host.

In the December 1984 issue of Marvel Superheroes Secret Wars, an antagonist called ‘Beyonder’ transports both heroes and villains of the Marvel Universe to another planet called ‘Battleworld’. At that time, Spider-Man acquires a strange black suit after the destruction of his original costume. It was Thor and The Hulk who told him to head to a certain room in their base (heroes) where he finds a machine that could read his mind. It makes him a new costume, so to say, where a black sphere envelopes him, completely overtaking his previous costume and replacing it with a black and white version.

The Symbiote itself is weak to both fire and high sonic energy. Both the comics and the movies depict this trait perfectly.

At some point, the costume envelopes Peter at night during his sleep. Without Peter knowing, ‘he’ fights crimes and leaves Peter really tired in the morning. This prompts him to request a certain Reed Richards to examine the costume, only to find that it is indeed alive. Peter realizes that the Symbiote is trying to permanently bond with him but he rejects it and for quite some time, The Fantastic Four contained it.

The Symbiote basically struggled to stay with Peter but because he grew an emotional attachment to the hero, he most willingly left Peter’s body who was unconscious at that time but not before leaving him somewhere safe. He disappears after that.

That isn’t the last of their relationship though. Later on, another Symbiote, Carnage, possesses Norman Osborn which turns him into ‘The Red Goblin’ (originally, Green Goblin). Spider-Man gets overpowered and ends up asking for Venom’s (Eddie Brock with the Symbiote) help. The Symbiote then bonds with him but he loses control after. He, later on, gets back to his pace and defeats The Red Goblin.

Despite the Venom and Spider-Man rivalry going on between Peter Parker and Eddie Brock, it is of no doubt that the two has a connection that can both save and destroy them.

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