Finding Lost

Let me save you some time.

He’s storyteller that rhymes.

So, have a seat, relax and unwind.

His message is peace.

His identity is a mystery.

Because when you ask him for his name.

He says “It’s Lost”


I like to think back to a lesson my father taught me. He sat me and my brother down and asked us both “Are you going to be a soldier or a warrior?”. Puzzled both me and my brother asked the same question…what is the Difference?

First, he asked us could we obey orders, still, blank looks remind on our faces. He stood up from his chair and paced around the room. Finally, he said, “it is a soldier’s duty to carry out the orders he has been given”. He asked us again “Are you a soldier or a warrior?”. I had no answer. My father roared with his thundering voice. “Warrior fights for what he believes, not because someone told him too.”

At the time of that conversation, I was 13 my brother was 12. Since that day I started my journey to fully understand what a warrior is and to form myself to become a great one. We started with the basics we learned from our father. He showed more than just the physical needs of a warrior. More than just your basic combat. He allowed us to be ourselves.

My father knew that a warrior’s beliefs could not be forced into us if we were going to be great. He did something that most people’s parents I knew didn’t, he allowed us to grow ourselves. Yet I found myself not having something to believe in. I was young and naive to think that because someone would call me a warrior, that’s what I am.

After living in a new city by myself for three years while I attended college, I felt empty and lost. I wasted three good years of my life thinking I was doing the right thing.

Hating myself because I was too weak to leave college because I knew that path was not for me. I packed my bags at the end of that semester and never looked back.

That is the day I actually became a warrior. I did something for me, for a while I felt I was selfish for that decision. It was not until the day I sat down and wrote these words that I fully realized I did nothing wrong. I didn’t make a mistake. I made a choice as a warrior.

Bruce Lee once wrote “Art is an expression of life and transcends both time and space. We must employ our own souls through art to give new form and a new meaning to nature or the world’. I am a warrior. I am an Artist. I am a warrior of art.

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