The Golden State Warriors won their second straight NBA title with a winning streak 4-0 victory over Cleveland Cavaliers. The game ended with a score of 108 – 85 on June 9 at Quicken Loans Arena. “I remember sitting in this room three years ago, it seemed like a dream. This feels more like reality. And I hope that doesn’t sound arrogant. It’s just that’s the talent we have, and that’s the experience we’ve gained. But it’s a very different feeling. It’s still euphoric, but three years ago was I can’t believe this happened, and now it’s I can definitely believe this happened, but it was hard, and it gets more and more difficult as you go through,” said Warriors coach Steve Kerr.

Cleveland had never experienced being swept in NBA finals for the past 11 years since the team of San Antonio. Although we have seen that LeBron James gave all that he got and did everything he could to win over the game, his team, however, failed to do so. One of the interviews of Tyronn Lue, the coach of the Cavaliers, said “To be the best player in the world and to give everything you’ve got in your 15th season, play all 82 games, probably one of the greatest playoff runs that we’ll ever see from an individual, to carry this team the way he [LeBron] did all season and leading by example, it’s just a testament to his character and who he is as a person and as a player. He had a lot of opportunities where he could have sat out of games and was going through a tough stretch and wasn’t playing well, but he didn’t want to do that. And a lot of guys would have folded under those circumstances, but he didn’t. He’s a bad boy, and I love having him on our team. He fights and competes to the end.” “Sometimes you can give everything you’ve got and still come up short,” he added.

Warriors vs. Cavaliers

The warriors before were able to defeat the Cavaliers on the same floor last 2015. However, this year, Durant, Curry, Green, Thompson and all the other warriors made their first in history in defeating and winning their title with a 4-0 winning streak of Cleveland’s own home court. Their thirst on keeping the victory over the place remains. We all know that LeBron James did all his best to defend the Cavaliers. He gave a good fight against the warriors. The warriors, together with Durant, Curry, Green, and Thompson were nevertheless, also dominant during the game.

The loss of Cavaliers was inevitable. Since there was never a team in NBA that was able to overcome a 3-0 standing in the history of NBA playoffs. “Extremely difficult. Not just the playoff run, this entire season. You’re coming off a championship, and you’re expected to get back to that level for Game 1 of 82. Like it’s tough. You know, he had time where he missed. Kevin, myself, Klay, Steph, Jordan Bell, like you name it, guys missed time. All the injuries we went through while going through that grind of trying to get back to this position was extremely tough. However, we pride ourselves on our depth, and at different times in the season, our depth stepped up. You know, even throughout the playoffs, Andre going down, Steph starting the playoffs out, like other guys stepped up, and that’s what’s important,” said Green. The recent victory is the Golden State Warriors’ third title in four years. “Get used to it,” Thompson said, “because we’re just getting started.”

LeBron’s reaction after losing the game

During the last game, LeBron finished the game with 23 points and stayed on the bench during the last minutes of the game. It is, by far, his lowest score out of the 82 games he played. “Very emotional, for a lot of different reasons: understanding how important a Game 1 is on the road for our ball club, what that would have done for us, the way we played, the calls that were made throughout the course of that game. I had emotions that the game was taken away from us,” said LeBron.

Durant as the back to back NBA Finals MVP

During the last minutes of the game, the only thrill left was who will get the MVP award. Would it be Curry or Durant that will earn the NBA Finals MVP award? Stephen Curry scored a total of 37 points, while Kevin Durant had a record of 20 points, 12 rebounds, and ten assist triple-double. Durant also had an excellent performance on Game 3. He roasted the Cavaliers by scoring 43 points and 13 rebounds.

Durant being the 2018’s NBA Finals MVP is his second straight award. He earned a back to back NBA Finals MVP awards.

LeBron James: What next?

”Pretty much played the last three games with a broken hand,” James said. He never disclosed the information about his hand being injured because of punching something out of his frustrations during Game 1 of the finals, not until his last final interview of the NBA Finals.

When he was asked on what will he do next, ‘I have no idea at this point,” he answered.

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