Water in the belly“, (519 pages) a postmodern parody of Homer’s “The Odyssey was considered as the script for a movie.  Frank Holmes, a minority person of color, takes the role of the Hero of Homer’s tragic tale. Of returning home. After the first crash of the stock market in fall 2008, Holmes becomes a conservative MBA student and helps pay the bill by starting a radical punk band, The Cherry.  They go to Pomegranate University.  In the city of Los Angeles, California.  Next to UCLA.

They sell 3 CD’s that are world hits. Holmes writes the songs.  Frank is married to his common-law wife, Sherry, who is the singer in the band The Cherry.

Frank puts his palm over the back of his other hand. He waits to go from atheist to Zen when he has a parody dream: “I have compared you to a company of girls. Teeth are good with rows of jewels and your neck is like gold.  I will make your borders of gold. With studs of silver…her wine is like the kisses of his mouth, intimate; kisses are better than wine.  Franks name is like an ointment that pours.  Savor her good ointments. She says dray him that I might run after him. The King has brought me into his chambers. Savor the good ointments, it is like good medicine. For the body. He is glad and rejoices in her”..Frank Holmes is America.


In “Water in the Belly”, instead of tales of old it marks turning and twisting from October 2008 crash, and the conservative resistance in this “Historic Novel”, of the slow buildup to the Trump Administration.  It documents the slow rise of the conservatives, from the point of view of a bipartisan Democrat, like took over Congress in 2019. This is an economic-political thriller.


Holmes, Homer’s hero, has many adventures with Capitalism.

The Cherry went to a Conservative convention at the Staples Center.  Christian Nausky was the leader calling for a “revolution based on Jesus”.  This was like the German Karl Kautsky.  This is a subplot, to Homer’s Hero, Holmes.  This brought in the FBI.  The Cherry then went to Death Valley National Park, where Holmes got some ideas for some songs for his Band.


Holmes wrote a string of songs of “sarcasm”.  One was “Confession– When you go to get a –job, tell all. The fifth amendment isn’t only for the court.  Confess, to your Boss. It is good for the soul.  Don’t say I refuse to answer, like in “in re Snow, in 1889”, at the United States court.  That was a quirk, the Bill of Rights applied.  Don’t be a critic of the court.  We’ll give you the words to answer, like when you are Busted.  It’s a Police State.  Like War.  This was for The Cherry’s  “State Police” C.D.  It saw the time of Political Prisoners in the US, like Human Rights across the globe.


Thomas Mann had a vision in chapter “Snow”, in the 1920’s novel Magic Mountain, where man’s hero saw a sign–Homo Dei, Mankind as God.  Frank said you are not God.  This was a postmodern reply.I also said ”Meditate on being, your being. You are my Zen. It is quite being a shock. I am. You are you are. You are Being, in Being. You did not know you were yet. Keep going with it. I am Being. Like a wet fish. Being aware is knowing that you’re In Being. Water is the all-time metaphor for Zen. It’s everywhere. Water is what fish swim in and they never know it. As we don’t know we are in Being.


I write, ” A fire of Europe ensure that it will survive the night has a belly of [Europe] and [Great Britain] and they will give birth no matter who the doctor is or where be the Hospital.  This cannot be stopped whatever the good intention of the world of “birth” used by Congress.  That’s the Water in the Belly.  Language is the problem, but that is one of the many uses of the title.  That’s why this novel is a rite of consciousness. For some, it means a cup of coffee to awake, sometimes we might wake up to the fact that we are in Being, like a whale in the ocean.  Or, at least to see the means of production of our own political economy, beyond our illusion of words”


US politics as we have said becomes like —  Washington Irving.  Frank is stuck in between the parties.  And is Frank either have the Achilles heel like Ahab of “Moby Dick”, or the eros of the tragedy of Faust.


Frank’s brother, Vincent, ran a duplex and a house.  They defended with Art. I contract of the US Constitution.  They found out that it needed a Congressional Statute.  Frank came up with a good idea that would trade zoning enforcement for a Congressional Statute.  The little known about Art. I clause said, “No state shall impair the obligation of contracts”. The national legislation could include a 30% revenue section to help pay off the trillions of dollars in national debt. It could house the “Young” and the “Old, of a bus line.


By this time we have turned the case over to the FBI and the CIA, who search for Marxist terrorists.  Making a needed “Police State”.  Four international, religious marxists, an oxymoron.  To Lautsky a Bosnian Muslim?  To a North Korean defector?  To a spy of the right-wing Republicans, Christian Nausky?  The latter said that “Jesus was the revolution”?  In the context and with the wrong intent, this led to an investigation by the FBI.  For Christian was linked to Karl Kautsky.  Frank just entrapped 4 religious terrorists.  And they were put in a tank for Political Prisoners.  This is in chapter 22 and leads to the Odysseus tragedy that had not yet been recognized in the literature.  What of climate change?  Or worldwide Nuclear threats?


It’s now May 21, 2020. Frank searches for the peace that Homer gets to.  Through bipartisan metaphors of micro and macro Physics, he starts to deal with the trope of migration and federalism. We are waiting for the Presidential Election of 2020, to resolve the issues?


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