What hides in the soul of a person touched by the muses?

A rainbow, a diversity of ideas that start with the contemplation of the beauty in nature with it seasons changes ,the nostalgia that the immigrant experience when taken by dreams of a better life, abandon his original place of birth to delve in the unknown in foreign lands while dreaming of a far come back trip back home, remembering the experiences left behind with nostalgia , and situations typical of a poor land when apathy mistreats an abandoned children and forgotten little mascots, without love and protection in an apathetic and cruel society .

The thirsty soul, refuge itself in a light from above, that will bring the dreams of a better world for abandon sad children, for a world in turmoil, from wars, and the not caring of the weakest among us, in a hopeful dream of a better day This soul encounters a platonic love with another soul, mesmerized by its beauty, elevate itself to a world replenish with erotism and a love that it only exists in an enamored imagination, In a real world, a soul comes to a world that is a classroom that teaches about love, disappointment, and sorrows , it can experience how to win or lose, losing battles in love and also loosing loved ones that pass through death living the soul devastated for the absent of the love one , This soul travel through time , and ventures in a roller coaster of emotions, wrapped around the expectations of uncertain future built up by everyday experiences . At the end a soul can ponder about the travel of its existence, it can be satisfied that it did well for itself and for others, look back on the mistakes and rejoice in the accomplishments, having the clear conscience that it can travel to eternity with a good heart.



Coming to the conclusion that things experienced could happen to me, to you and to everyone that has the opportunity of reading this poetics lines, one can assure that the reader will immediately identify in one way or another, with all word written in this interesting poemario. Escondite (the hiding place of my soul ) has been inspiring on real lived experiences of the author, and its reality can be the experience of any of its readers.

While in middle school, the writer in the seven grade has the opportunity of studying in the classroom of an extraordinary teacher dedicated to the teaching of grammar and the power of the written word, Profesor Marino Garcia ,He was the guiding light that left imprinted in the soul of the writer the love for literature and the art of poetry .

The final purpose of this book is to live an impression on the reader about the important things in our lives, to spread a message of love and care for children, animal, nature, and all humankind, an interest for poetry, using it as a vehicle of real love, understanding truth and brotherhood.
ESCONDITE DE MI ALMA is originally written in Spanish. A number of poems in English are added at the end of the book for the enjoyment of our English fellows.


What is hiding in my soul? GabyCruz


ESCONDITE DE MI ALMA (Spanish Edition)
Author: Gaby Cruz
Genre: Poetry
Paperback: 136 pages
Language: Spanish
ISBN-10: 1365658368
ISBN-13: 978-1365658365

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