O.G. is a 2018 American drama film that first premiered at the Tribeca Film Festival. Currently, HBO will air the said film this February 23, 2019. It casts Jeffrey Wright, William Fichtner, Boyd Holbrook, Mare Winningham, Yul Vazquez, David Patrick Kelly, and many more. Also, Madeleine Sackler directed the film while Stephen Belber wrote the script. HBO acquired the movie’s rights back in October 2018 but did not decide to release it until now. The movie won Jeffrey Wright the Tribeca Film Festival Best Actor Award in a U.S. narrative feature film.

The Plot

The film is set at Indiana’s maximum-security prison, the Pendleton Correctional Facility. It basically follows the life of Louis (Jeffrey Wright), who was an actual head of a prison gang, as he serves the last few weeks of a long 24-year sentence. Louis, of course, feels a little scared as he imagines what his life would be if he indeed gets released. Before his release, he meets a newly incarcerated man, Beecher (Theothus Carter). Beecher reminds him immediately of his wild life before. Both men find solace in each other’s friendship, with Louis helping Beecher in tough situations. With Beecher under his wing, it stirs in him a familiar feeling that he had long forgotten. His tough exterior slowly mellows out all throughout the film but Beecher himself comes with plenty of complications.


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As Louis nears his release, he is uncertain about the future that lies ahead of him outside of prison. He is constantly in doubt and he isn’t sure what to expect anymore.

Award-winning director Madeleine Sackler said that during the making of this movie, she was able to work together with men incarcerated at the Pendleton Correctional Facility, as well as its staff. Sackler said she wanted to make a film that would give the audience an authentic glimpse at life inside a maximum security prison. O.G. will be showing on HBO this February 23, 2019.