This book is about sharing my love for white water kayaking, and I address the confusion and complexity of strained principles of going through a divorce.  I hope people will learn that there is hope after losing what we’ve worked diligently to preserve, that life goes on, that God understands when we fall short of our values, and yes, it is a sin, but we can remarry after such a loss.

I want to share what I have learned in life and that became the inspiration for me to write this book. I survived a near-death experience that which is similar to all who have written about that. I believe my book is entertaining as well as giving hope to anyone who has lost more than they expected to lose, but it also applies to people who woke up after they’ve thrown everything away.  I grew up in Oklahoma, and I now live in Missouri and work as a secretary, thus I credit my typing skills to my work. I relate the lessons I have learned about life from the situations I endured.  I think we are all here to learn things, and sometimes it takes a slice of craziness to teach us.

 What kayaking Taught Me About Marriage

Why Cross-currents?

Book synopsis

A recently divorced young lady moves to her grandparents’ cabin deep in the Smokey Mountains. While trying to comprehend and work through wrong choices, she is asked to help an old friend take some kids through paddling lessons. She confronts the multifaceted changes in her marital situation, old-fashioned beliefs, job, family, and spirituality; and she learns to appreciate the influence of her mother, friends, and a pastor who thinks the Bible is a road map. She confronts various beliefs, a joust on boats, a river rescue from paddling her kayak during a storm, and learns how to interpret a new romantic relationship.