Dev Patel’s newest film The Wedding Guest is garnering plenty of attention for its unique and fresh take on a supposed action-filled film. Numerous mysteries plague the movie itself. It does not give away much in the first half, as most movies do. In fact, when you first get around to familiarizing with Patel’s role, you get nothing from him except this dark and moody aura. Subtlety riddles his personality and his actions begin as an enigma. For most movie viewers, we love the thrill of not knowing everything about a movie. As a matter of fact, the most ambiguous of movies get the most views because we love solving a good mystery, even if it doesn’t add up the way we want to in the end.

Michael Winterbottom, a man who loves to explore many genres, directs the film. He receives applause for his versatility and his confidence to stray in different paths. He has his ups and downs and at the moment, The Wedding Guest hangs in a thin line between both. What starts off as something vehemently mysterious ends up rather predictable, but it still has the element of surprise.

The story focuses on Patel’s character who was hired to stage a kidnapping in Pakistan during a wedding. The bride-to-be (Radhika Apte) is set for an arranged marriage in which she highly disagrees with. After all, as she has a rich lover in India whom she is truly infatuated with. The same lover is the person who then hires Patel’s character to stage the events. Although scared at first, when Apte’s character learns of the reason behind the abduction, she then cooperates greatly. The two then begin a dangerous journey from Pakistan to India, as they evade the people chasing them. Along the way, they end up sharing beds in hotels, eating meals together, and evidently, they fall in love with each other.


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The Wedding Guest ends up being predictable but is still something that should be checked out. Winterbottom’s story still reeks of a thrilling action despite its obvious conclusion. The two actors who cross paths are great at their roles. Moreover, the intense nature of the story will have you glued to your seat. The Wedding Guest will be in theaters March 1, 2019.