Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again is a film that has raised quite a few brows because of the way it defied time, space, and traditional moviemaking laws. However, those who want pure fun and nostalgia over ABBA songs would definitely love this movie.

If you are itching your way to the cinema, here are 10 things that would get you excited about Mamma Mia 2:

What to Be Excited About Mamma Mia 2

1. The cast believes it is better than the first movie.

Amanda Seyfried has made her mark with different movies and proved her vocal prowess on several occasions especially in Les Miserables but Mamma Mia really has a special place in her heart. She revealed during interviews that she immediately fell in love when she read the script because of how Ol Parker created a depth and new dynamics to the characters.

2. It is both a prequel and sequel.

This is the reason why a lot of people were wondering if the movie followed any specific timeframe. It is a maze at some point and you have to follow many storylines to get to the final destination. You take the stories of many characters into consideration so you will understand why and how they became who they are now. At the end of it all though, you will see how beautifully their lives were weaved to lend a resonance to Sophie’s story.

3. Sophie is the star of the movie.

During the first movie, Sophie was a central character but not really. This time around, Sophie gets her spotlight despite the movie being full of flashbacks. Just how?

According to Meryl Streep who plays Donna, the emotions that Amanda Seyfried, who plays Sophie, is the heartbeat of the film. Her emotions propel the story forward and that’s why this movie is really about her.

4. The flashbacks and their lovely actors.

Lily James plays the young Donna and boy she is a character of her own. The movie also features several other new faces like Jeremy Irvine playing the young Sam, Hugh Skinner playing the young Harry, and Josh Dylan playing the young Bill. New sweethearts Alexa Davies as the young Rosie and Jessica Keenan Wyn as the young Tanya also top bill the movie.

5. It has musical legends to sprinkle more glitter.

Have you ever imagined Cher playing mother to Meryl and grandma to Amanda? It seems that these three gorgeous ladies do have something in common and this movie will let you see just that.

Also featured in the film are original ABBA members Bjorn Ulvaeus and Benny Anderson.

6. Flashbacks mean all the outfits and adventures.

If you are a true-blue ABBA fan, you would have probably been so jealous about their outfits and psychedelic hairdos and costumes. This movie is not skipping on those vibes. If you ever want a Coachella inspiration, this movie will give you some serious fashion options.

Also, never forget about how this movie will take you all over the globe – from America, New York, France, and Greece. There are so many mini adventures in this one!

7. How Donna met Harry.

Yes, Sam married Donna in the conclusion of the first film but have you ever wondered how she met the other men? The Waterloo sequence will reveal how Donna and Harry met in a Napoleon Bonaparte-themed restaurant. Get all giddy with the way Harry serenaded her with the song Waterloo, too!

8. That song When I Kissed The Teacher

If you think Tanya is the most playful one among the three, wait until Donna sings When I Kissed the Teacher. If you check the lyrics of this song, you will really imagine how playful Donna was on her younger years. Well, Donna & The Dynamos sure will make this song popular once more.

9. It is an ode to motherhood.

At the end of the first movie, nobody still knows who the real father of Sophie is. Much more, the movie doesn’t also give justice as to why Donna in the first place wouldn’t have known who fathered her daughter. Thankfully in the second movie, Donna was painted as the young, free-spirited girl in the summer ’79 leading her to have a daughter and how this bond is stronger than ever.

10. It is a party for all ABBA fans.

Don’t be too shy if you know the lyrics to Fernando which Cher sings so powerfully in this movie. You can also dance to Dancing Queen to your heart’s content and nobody will judge you.

This movie is all for the love of the 70s pop group everybody – whatever the generation – has come to love.