M. Night Shyamalan is definitely a genius when it comes to his craft of directing. He’s made plenty of movies to his name and although not everything is top notch, it still stands out in plenty of ways. Back in 2000, Shyamalan released Unbreakable, a story of a guy who works as a security guard who finds out that he’s invincible after he walks out of a train wreck, unscathed and as a sole survivor. He then takes on superheroic activities in his rain poncho. Unbeknownst to him, a wheelchair-bound character called Mr. Glass ends up being the antagonist in that film as he was the one plotted all the insane things Dunn has to go through.

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Fast forward to 2016 and M. Night Shyamalan releases the movie Split starring James McAvoy. McAvoy plays Kevin Wendell Crumb – a guy with Dissociative Personality Disorder. His mind is a host to 24 other personalities that differ from each other. One of these personalities is The Beast. This gives Kevin superhuman strength and abilities but also makes him go on a murderous rage. Three other personalities named Dennis, Patricia, and Hedwig stage something that unleashes him. The Beast has one thing on his mind: to rid the world of people who have not known any suffering their entire lives.



Now, Mr. Glass gets his own movie and this particular one is considered a sequel to the aforementioned movies Unbreakable and Split. This movie also stars the original three characters: Bruce Willis, Samuel L. Jackson, and James McAvoy. Other recurring characters like Charlayne Woodard who plays Mrs. Price (Glass’ mother), Spencer Treat Clark as Joseph Dunn (Dunn’s son in Unbreakable), and Anya Taylor Joy as Casey Cooke (the captive girl in Split) joins them in the film. There are also newcomers in the movie, like Sarah Paulson who plays Dr. Ellie Staple. She is a psychiatrist who tackles delusions of grandeur, in other words, people who believe they’re superhuman.

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Star-studded as it seems, Glass is still treading on thin ice as it could or could not live up to its prequels. Suffice to say, the movie has its fair share of ups and downs. Visually, its stunning and the story is well put. However, this is all thanks to the fact that the two sequels have laid quite a solid foundation for the last installment of the franchise. Here, we find out more about Mr. Glass and the other two that came before him.



There is less action for the audience in this film as it tackles a more psychological angle. Viewers are kept on their toes as they guess and guess what these three characters really are. They’re either heroes or villains but you can never be too sure. Where exactly did their superhuman abilities come from? Even if you ask this, you won’t get a straight answer. You will need to ponder a lot in this movie but it doesn’t make you bored. In fact, it makes you even curious.

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The three are currently under treatment in a psychiatric ward by Dr. Staple and from there, it is a showdown of wits. The action scenes are visually glorious, and the plot just seems to thicken as you go even further. In the end, you get to see three vulnerable people who grew because of hardships and pain – a great source of their abilities.