The premiere of Marvel’s newest movie, Avengers: Infinity War will be released tomorrow, April 27, here in the US. There are many predictions, facts, and spoilers already flooding in the internet clearly showing the angst and the excitement about it, we clearly can’t wait to watch it.

It is common fact that this movie is the plot-line for all of Marvel’s blockbuster, which is said that it will unite all the Marvel heroes to defeat the true evil, whose name is Thanos (more about Thanos and the heroes later). A new report suggest that it is the second most expensive movie ever made with a wide-stacking budget of at least $300 million. There will also be at least 76 characters that will be featured in this movie.

If you have been watching all the Marvel Films or you’re someone who is new in the Marvel universe and would want to see this movie first from the other movies. To the newbies out there, it is very much possible to watch it first but let this be an advice on what you should know before watching it. And as for those who already watched the other movies, let this be a recap for you.

Power of the Infinity Stones

Before creation itself, there were six singularities. Then the universe exploded into existence, and the remnants of these systems were forged into concentrated ingots… Infinity Stones. -The Collector

what to know about avengers infinity warWe had a glimpse of the five gems in the previous movie franchise. The location of the sixth gem which is the soul stone is still nowhere to be found. Maybe its location will be revealed in Infinity war but we don’t know that yet.

Technically, the infinity stones are the most powerful artifacts in the universe where each stone has unique power from the other, those who holds the gems will be condemned with omnipotence.

Here are the characteristics of each stone:

1. Mind stone

The mind stone was used in Loki’s scepter or staff and later became Vision’s ultimate source of power and identity. This stone has the ability to hypnotize and manipulate the victim. The mind stone can give the user ultimate mental ability and it is the so called ‘subconscious’ of the universe and when backed up with the power stone, the user will have the ability to read all the minds that is in the universe.

2. Time stone

Doctor Strange has this stone for ‘safekeeping’ and the reason why it should be safe at all cost is because if given to the wrong individual, the user will have all of its abilities to alternate the hands of time, including the reversing of time and making of time loops.

3. Reality stone

This stone can alter the nature of reality itself or in retrospect, it can fulfill the wishes of the user. The alteration of reality can be a contradiction to the universal scale and science. The Reality stone showed up in the movie Thor: The Dark World but its current location is unknown.

4. Power stone

If this stone will be acquainted with the other stone, then it is complete disaster. This stone will give more power once it is contact with the other stones, making it more inevitable. The power stone will also enhance the user’s strength and charges. It appeared on the Guardians of the Galaxy.

5. Space stone

This stone can open the portals of the universe. It was first seen in Captain America: The First Avenger.

6. Soul stone

The location of the soul stone is undetected but if it is found, the user will have the ability to control or steal the living and the dead souls. Basically, it grants the user life of all the universe.

You must know the characteristics and importance of each stone because they are important highlights of the movie. It’s basically what Thanos will be chasing throughout the entire movie. This will lead to the next point of the article, which is…

Thanos. Who is He?

The omnipotent killer who is very much ready to sacrifice everything (including killing allot of people in the universe) to collect all the infinity stone and be embedded to his infinity glove.

what to know about avengers infinity warThink of him as a child who would badly want the toys at the end of a cereal box, he is exactly that kid, except he is not a kid but is a big muscle superhuman.

Thanos is a genetically mutilated superhuman that inhabited Titan, the super moon of Mars. He is referred to as the Dark Lord or the Mad Titan. His main objective why he wants all the stones because he believes he can give stability in all of the universe and he wants to make sure that the massive population will not use the resources of the universe and condemn it. It is also his goal to exterminate half of the population of the universe.

We also like to call him the Stalin of the Marvel universe.

Will he be successful in possessing all of the infinity stones or the heroes will have the power to stop his wretched madness? It’s for you to find out.

Everyone Must Unite!

A supervillain who is ready to collect all stones in order to absorb all the power known in the universe for the goal to erase half of the population of the universe. Thanos is very strong and with him are millions of extraterrestrial armies and the Black Order. All of the Avengers heroes and the guardians should unite to battle with Thanos.

We do know that the Avengers are separated and also the guardians are somewhere out there in the galaxy.

Many are expecting so much for this movie and we are too. There are so many questions we have been asking and watching the movie will be our answer.