The awaited long awaited Avengers: Infinity War is finally around the corner and the audience has never been this hyped. From death predictions to possible plot twist theories. As of everyone who are focused on the heroes and who is probably going to get sacrificed.

Let us talk about the big bad wolf THANOS. Yes, the Mad Titan himself. His origin, his life and how he is hell bent on destroying half of the universe. We all know he is the Mean Villain in the movie and comics but WHY IS HE THE VILLAIN?

Let’s get to know him.


Thanos was first seen on the issue of Iron Man #55 in 1973. Created by Mike Friedrich and Jim Starlin. Thanos was said to be designed as lean and lanky but he doesn’t give the evil impact and vibe as the Villain he is supposed to be so they decided to beef him up and boom… the Thanos we’ve known is here. A certain comparison and theory has been speculated that Thanos was inspired from DC Comic Darkseid. That was how Thanos came to be now let’s talk about his comic origin.


Comic origin

Thanos is a titan born in Titan moon of Saturn, from eternals who godlike beings, who are created by two hundred feet tall space gods known as Celestials. Thanos was unfortunately born unlike his beautiful kins, he had monstrous features unlike Starfox, his handsome brother who later on joined the Avengers, so in isolation Thanos grew into a being who is twisted and evil. He seemed to strengthen himself unlike any of his people. He became thirsty for power until such time he was more powerful than his brethren. Even when he has proved his power he was still isolated in his community.

Mistress Death

As his powers grew, he traveled the universe. Upon doing so he fell in love with death. Not in a metaphoric way of saying he has bloodthirsty desires to kill, but Marvel’s speculation of Death who is embodied in woman form. He was hell bent on making death fall for him that he willed himself to win Mistress Death’s heart and by doing so he conquered titan and made himself a god but was stopped by Captain Marvel and the Avengers. Because of his failure he assumed Death has rejected him.

The Soul Gems

With his failure he began searching for the Soul Gems of which Adam Warlock had used. One by one the traveled the universe and acquired six gems. He then started to destroy one star and another. Adam Warlock with Captain Marvel and the Avengers again stopped the mad titan from destroying the universe in adoration of Death. Warlock died in this battle but was then again resurrected and defeated, but not have killed, Thanos.

The Resurrection

Death once visited Thanos in his immobile state. The mistress’ action powered Thanos, revived him even stronger than before. He had a thought that life and death were not balanced in the universe anymore thus, he set a mission again to look for the soul gems which now are the Infinity stones and has made a gauntlet to hold the six stones together: the soul stone (controls and sees all souls), mind stone (controls the minds), space stone (controls the space), time stone (controls time), reality stone (alter any form of reality and the power stone (power source) .

The Snap and Infinity Gauntlet

With the Infinity Gauntlet, he snaps his finger and the half of the universe will perish under his command and once again he became a god. Earth’s heroes and other galactic entities joined forces and opposed him. Yet, he defeated them all. Death then got mad for Thanos was beyond powerful than she had expected. Hurt, and in distraught Nebula snatched the Gauntlet from his so-called grandfather and wore it.

who is thanos

Nebula and the Gauntlet

With Nebula going insane with the Gauntlet’s power. Thanos joined forces with Warlock and other once opposing teams to chase the Gauntlet out of Nebula’s Grasps. When Warlock has achieved and Gauntlet returned to him. He restores the universe to its original state and divides the stones to guardians who became the Infinity Watch.


Thanos was exiled by Warlock sending him unto an inhibited planet where he becomes a farmer. Who is somewhat content spending his life alone.

Thanos has a lot of twisted philosophies that led him to the greatest crossover of Marvel Heroes in the Marvel Universe after some bread crumbs seen in some Marvel cinematic Universes : The Avengers (2012), Guardians of the Galaxy (2014), Avengers Age of Ultron (2015) and Avengers Infinity War (2018).

Enjoy and sit back as the stones get picked one by one.