Does the name ‘Madea’ ever ring a bell? If it does, then it’s probably because of the fact that the character has been around for a very long time. However, if you aren’t too familiar, Madea is a fictional character created by the one and only Tyler Perry. Perry is an American actor, comedian, producer, director, and writer.

Madea has plenty of movies under its titular name and right now, an 11th one is nearing its release in theaters.

Madea is basically an old lady with a sassy and comedic disposition. Her “first appearance” on film was when she was 68-year-old. She can also be vindictive and insensitive, as well as thuggish. Although rarely seen, she has a soft side to her. Madea is also often blunt and comes off as rude and mean. She has been in jail numerous times but this doesn’t faze her or her family. She loves to get even and she also lives off on drama, often times, just overreacting. This makes it hard for people to approach her, at the same time, this makes her endearing.



Despite her rough disposition and her cruel methods, she also stands up for what is right and she always stands her ground. This is the reason why a lot of the audience love her. Tyler Perry was able to create such a complicated woman with complicated issues but truthfully very easy to understand. Madea is nurturing to the people she loves and likes. Also, she fuels our funny bone with her crazy antics and her equally crazy drama.

Madea, of course, isn’t only in the movies as Tyler Perry also made sure she gets her spotlight in the stage. She’s also present in live shows and she couldn’t be less funny. Oh, and before I forget, inside that huge costume and that wild big hair, is Tyler Perry himself.