Among the Shadows is one of the newest films that’s releasing in March. The film has gotten people excited for a variety of reasons. It’s an action thriller that delivers a supernatural twist; we all know people are just suckers for the genre. It could be the fact that we are always fascinated by the metaphysical and the unknown; thus, we tend to stray more into this path. It could also be that we just love a good mystical movie.

Unlike most movies that play on the ‘supernatural’ theme, Among the Shadows tether on reality and fantasy. The plot is darker than you think. That’s not entirely a new thing though, especially when it comes to this genre. What makes this film truly stand out from the rest is the fact that the plot does not rely on the supernatural aspect of things. Rather, the film focuses more on the humane side.

The Plot

As such, we follow the story of Kristy Wolfe (Charlotte Beckett) who tries to unravel the mystery behind her uncle’s murder. Being a private eye, this gives her an advantage, but there’s more to Kristy than meets the eye. She is, surprisingly, a descendant of a long line of werewolves, and our protagonist does inherit some of the abilities of her ancestors. With her uncle’s murder, she then finds out that trouble is brewing in the underworld.

Subsequently, Patricia Sherman (played by the ever-so-famous Lindsay Lohan) hires her to investigate a politically-motivated attack. Of course, she has to do it fast. Wolfe needs to unmask the conspiracy or the people fighting hard to protect it might take her down faster.

Among the Shadows gives us a supernatural feel but also dives deep in human issues. For the most part, there is no out-of-this-world visual cinematics that offers the best view of the supernatural world but it does feature a gritty setting that fits the theme really well.

Tiago Mesquita directs the film. Aside from Lohan and Beckett, other stars in the film include Daniel Kelly, Dominik Madani, Gianna Capaldi, and many others. Its theatrical release is on March 5, 2019.

Check the official trailer video below: