As a devoted superfan of Star Wars, I felt the usual excitement towards knowing that a new Star Wars movie is coming up. I tried my best not to open any reviews from Rotten Tomatoes or any other websites that wrote an analysis. But as I finally watched the movie, left the cinema, processed Solo in my brain, and went home reading a review from the ‘said’ websites, I kind of understood (or maybe didn’t) why Solo was given such “harsh” ratings.

Other People’s Opinions (Don’t Be Triggered)

I admire the amount of work that is placed in every Star Wars Film; each movie is made out of creativity and magnificence. It never fails to give the audience that certain hype as we see what could be beyond our own world and unravel what life would be like living with other rationale creatures (like us) while being in one galactic empire. As much as I would love to annoyingly speak my love for Star Wars, some risks are there to take while criticizing one of the most historical films that ever existed in the world of Hollywood. Carefulness is the key with this one.

solo star wars movie ratings

I understand why some people think that the movie is playing safe and they didn’t feel that much of a kick in the plot (it feels sad that some people think like this but an opinion is an opinion). With no bias aside, if I ever became someone else and am not that hyped about Solo, the movie would be like the third action movie you watched right after two really awesome and sickening action movies. Therefore, people think it’s fine, it doesn’t suck, but you don’t have to watch it. An article I read said that Solo was the take-out cheeseburger that you ate in the middle of the night knowing how unnecessary it was because you ate a scrumptious dinner hours before (I think that it was pretty clever how this writer described his feelings towards the film but then I don’t think the same way).

People felt neutral about it, even the ratings on Rotten Tomatoes said that only 58 percent agreed that the movie is good. It was characterized as one of the movies with the potential to put you to sleep while being in the cinema.

Even though this movie has been subjected as boring by half of the audience, we could say that the trouble in the production phase could be the probable root of ‘mediocrity’. Two of the main directors, Phil Lord and Chris Miller exited the team halfway of the film’s progress. It is even said that Miller and Lord’s style of filmmaking did not match the Lucasfilm’s franchise, that’s why another director had to switch their place.

solo star wars movie ratings

The tea is spilled but can we talk about Alden Ehrenreich’s performance as young Han Solo? He does have the reputation to ooze women by his charming looks, but people are speculative about his acting. “He didn’t really pull off the Harrison Ford vibe,” they said and he didn’t look so badass in the movie. But the acting in the film wasn’t really questioned by ‘said analyses’ because people were just slightly devastated with the plot and thought that Solo could’ve been way better.

My Opinion (Don’t Be Triggered)

Another disclaimer: Spoiler Ahead

I have enumerated the verdicts of people, but I want to voice why I’m ‘pro-Solo’. I can simply say that I loved EVERYTHING about the film. I was sitting on the edge of my seat as young Han Solo tries to succeed every heist that he gets into. Almost cried three times and had an overwhelming feeling as Solo and Chewbacca finally met (a duo that is lucky enough to find a lifetime of friendship). Seeing Lando Calrissian being the notorious gambler in defeat and Emilia Clarke just being naturally beautiful.

Maybe I am just the type of person who is easily amused or occasionally jumpy, but I do know that I don’t feel that Solo: A Star Wars Story is not at all an unnecessary movie to watch. It’s not the cheeseburger that you ate in the middle of the night and felt very guilty. And most of all, it’s not the third action movie that is overshadowed by impressive action movies before it. I am overjoyed that I watched Solo and also grateful that they made it.

You might think that I might be a little too defensive in my review, but there is no way I intend to brutally oppose half of the audience who thumbs down on the movie. I am very open with the opinions from others. I can’t help but admire how Star Wars is still alive and kicking after approximately 41 years. Because of its success, it even has its own holiday (May the fourth be with you!). Young and old generations of fans are still raising their lightsabers up high. I hope and pray that Star Wars will never burn-out.