The How to Train Your Dragon franchise has always been a favorite of many. With the third and final installment, Hidden World, hitting theaters, it’s time to bid farewell to this amazing trilogy. Even with that, How to Train Your Dragon will always be something that enhanced our imagination. It instilled in us some of the best life lessons. It valued family, friendship, selflessness, and the gift of adventure.

The reason why the franchise is a success does not only lie in the visual beauty that Dreamworks created. Sure, the graphics were phenomenal. The scoring was an absolute delight. However, it was the story and the characters that built the foundation of the franchise. It was very relatable but in a fantasy sense.

It also let us follow the journey of Hiccup and his friends as they grew both in character development and in the physical sense. How to Train Your Dragon is honestly one of the best-animated films that celebrate character growth. It instilled in us the idea of selflessness and adventure without going overboard. And also, it got dragons.

Of course, the franchise isn’t all rainbows and butterflies. It first highlighted Hiccup’s negative experiences and outlook before focusing on how he earned his right and newfound courage. Although his courage made him go against his father in an attempt to save the dragon’s lives and have people look at them differently, it also made us realize that it is not every time parents are right. In this case, it was bittersweet to the end but it was the perfect cherry to top off an important scene.

Moreover, the movie also teaches us never to underestimate children and to just listen. Also, friendship plays an important factor here, especially the one between Hiccup and Toothless. Both are valiant creatures, human and dragon, and together they overcame a lot of obstacles with their bond.

The reason why How to Train Your Dragon is such a success is not just because of its wonderful animation and incredibly heart-tugging music but it’s because it teaches us things not a lot of movies can. It is relatable and it has value, also, it’s funny. There are sad moments. However, happy times always complement the sad ones along the way.

Although the franchise is coming to an end, it will always be one of those that will be hard to forget.