When reaching your twilight years, there’s only much you can do. One of those activities that will not cost you too much energy and is a great way to spend time is writing. Eventually, when you can finish your manuscript, you can even work on getting it published as a book.

Becoming an author after your retirement is definitely an appealing option for you. With today’s technology, you can even opt for the traditional publishing via printing press or the less burdensome ebook publishing. If you are not yet convincend, here are top reasons why you should write after retirement.

#1. You have lots of time you can spend.

Since you are retired, you are probably less busy. You have lots of time then to spend on your hobbies. If you love writing, then consider spending your time on writing a book worth reading.

#2. You are probably living in a peaceful environment.

As a senior, living in a peaceful environment is a must. Take advantage of that peaceful environment to focus on writing a story that will make a reader’s jaw drop. With no distractions, it should be easier for you to write an inspiring story.

#3. Having lived a longer time, you’d probably have better plot to tell.

Reaching your retirement years, you are probably more than 50 years old now. You can use your life experiences as foundation to your story. Being older, your story will have a depth that most younger generations can learn from.

#4. You can leave behind a legacy.

When you write and get published, what you write will become your legacy. Your book will become one of the proofs of your existence. It is also one of the many ways to motivate or inspire other people. Lastly, your masterpiece can transcend time. Imagine the classic novels we currently have. Even if the author has long passed away, their legacy continues in the form of their published classics.

#5. Pragmatically speaking, it is a way to earn money.

Being a successfully published author means you have the opportunity to earn royalties. With the royalties, you can have money to spend even when you are no longer working. Most importantly, you will have something you can leave behind to your descendants.