Jean-Claude Van Damme may have loosened his reigns a little bit when he disappeared from Hollywood a little while back. But now, he’s definitely back with a vengeance. He will be fighting off a drug cartel in a crime-infested part of Washington D.C. in a new gritty action thriller We Die Young.

Although it’s packed with almost the same action scenes that we see Jean-Claude van Damme in most of the time, it weaves a different story and ultimately a more different feel. It technically follows a teenage boy Lucas. He desperately tries to keep his 10-year-old brother off from being hired as a drug runner by the same drug lord he works for. Unable to do anything by himself, he then seeks help from a war veteran (Jean-Claude Van Damme) who suffers from PTSD. From there, all hell breaks loose.

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Now, as much as we want to associate We Die Young with Jean-Claude Van Damme’s other action-packed movies back in the ’90s, I’d have to say that this one tackles a different idea. It’s a must-watch because it definitely gives a more realistic feel. Moreover, it engages in issues that plague the real world. It also deals with PTSD, a common mental health condition for a lot of people who have experienced trauma. The movie looks amazing and the plot is sympathetic, with a violent twist.

We Die Young offers more than just an action-packed plot. It gives you a better understanding of people who experience mental issues after serving war. It also gives us a truer glimpse at how the drug industry works and how dangerous it really is. The story, of course, stems from the unconditional love an older brother has for his younger sibling. He’s willing to go through lengths just to keep him away from a terrible future, something that he’s doing now.

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Overall, the movie just looks like it’s exciting enough to watch and who doesn’t like a good JCVD movie? We Die Young hits selected theaters nationwide March 1, 2019.