Today, you’re so passionate about writing that you can’t just get your hands off the keyboard. Words seem to just appear quickly. Or magically, perhaps. Then, you skip a day or two. And then a week. Time goes by, and you haven’t written anything at all. You know you should, but you just can’t muster the willpower to actually write.

So, you end up being frustrated.

Sounds familiar, isn’t it?

If you only write for the joy of it, then, it’s no big deal. If writing is just a hobby, then it’s supposed to be fun. Just stop and come back anytime.

However, if you write for a living, then, you’re in big trouble. You’re on a different page. To write is better than not to write. Always. And you know why.

So, how do you get things done? “Sit down and write,” is easier said than done. It’s not even psychologically satisfying. To help you on days like this, we’ve created a set of reminders just for you. Maybe they’ll help you get back on track.

#1 Embrace discipline

Discipline is painful. We don’t need to tell you that. But self-discipline is also a common trait among successful people. We don’t need to tell you that either. John Maxwell made it clear that discipline is even more important than motivation. He says, “Motivation may get you started, but it takes discipline to keep you going.” And it ought to be as applicable to a writer as it is to a businessman or an athlete. In fact, discipline should be developed in many aspects of life whether regarding your diet, studies or career, and relationships. Among the many essential qualities that can contribute to success, only self-discipline begets sustainable and long-term achievements.

For a writer like you, discipline is a must have literary essential. If you want to write, discipline yourself to write. The days when it’s hard to write are the days when it’s most important to write. You are a writer. Writing is what you’re meant to do. The words you write when you’re not in the zone of writing can be fixed later anyway don’t let yourself off the hook. Write, even if you don’t feel writing at the moment so that you don’t lose the momentum.

Paperclips Magazine published author#2 Know your worth

Take this bit of wisdom from George Gordon Byron, “A drop of ink may make a million think.” This may be short, but it has so much meaning and power, it can spark inspiration to your writing career. Writers create a world for readers, if you don’t write now, you are actually depriving millions of readers to enjoy the world you would have created.

The world comes to an end because a cat decided not to write a story. (thecoffeelicious)

Does anyone want that on their conscience?

#3 Revisit your purpose

It’s not easy to write. We understand that especially if the words never come out the way they sounded in your head. But as long as you are living your purpose, you are doing everything right— even when it feels weird or wrong. So, revisit your purpose. Why do you write in the first place? Keeping in mind the reason why you’re writing is a motivation in itself to do well—may it be to please people, or earn a living.

“To write or not to write,” needn’t be a question. As the immortal philosopher, Yoda (Star Wars) says, “Do. Or do not. There is no try.” We know his grammar often slips but we know just what he means—and it makes sense.

Grab your stuff, write, and be great!!