You Are A Sourcerer And This Book Will Tell You Why!

Do thoughts and feelings become things? Do we possess divine power? These are the ideas that we explore in the recently published narrative.

“I am a Sourcerer” by Lori J. Eddo.

The author shares with a conviction that “we get what we think about.” As a grandmother, Lori has had many experiences that shaped her life. Nevertheless, the questions she is so passionately asking is, are we giving attention to our struggles and heartaches or our accomplishments and joy?

In a time of superheroes possessing superpowers, this book offers insight on how to harness our innate power. The author shares her beliefs in a natural and conceivable language, using her seasoned voice in a discerning and truthful manner. She does not assert her ideas but instead provides a friendly reminder to readers to become more aware of the stories we are telling about our own lives. This book invites people to examine the choices they make and reminds them of their freedom to choose a life of passion, creativity, and divine magic.


I am a Sourcerer Lori J. Chavez-eddo

Book Title: I am a Sourcerer

Author: Lori J. Chavez-Eddo

Genre: Poetry, Inspiration, Spirituality & Science

Paperback: 40 pages

Publisher: Balboa Press A DIVISION OF HAY HOUSE

Language: English

ISBN-10: 1982221933

ISBN-13: 978-1982221935

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About the Author

I am a Sourcerer Lori J. Chavez-eddo

Lori J. Eddo is a multi-media writer and producer. She has worked in media development, production, and post-production for over 30 years. Spending most of her adult life in Southern California, where she grew up and raised her two children. She began writing this book while living in Malibu aka “The Bu” with her little dog, Loki, and where she often took great pleasure babysitting her grandson, Keiran.

I am a Sourcerer Lori J. Chavez-eddo

She vividly remembers having an epiphany and writing down this equation;

“Thoughts + Feelings = Things” then asking herself, “What if this is true?

What if we indeed create our own reality?” They are simple concepts that we have heard before from many different people throughout history. However, now, there was more meaning for her than ever before. As Lori began putting these ideas into practice, she found evidence in her own life.

She believes thoughts and feelings, like everything, consist of energy and are nonphysical expressions like our imagination. Material things begin showing up in our life based on the story we are telling, and the manifestations are all old news because in every new moment we can choose to create a new future for ourselves. We have the freedom to choose our thoughts and feelings.

I am a Sourcerer Lori J. Chavez-eddo

Lori’s latest book “I am a Sourcerer” was written from her perspective of being a mother and grandmother and wanting to encourage her children and grandchildren to deliberately create the joyful, abundant, life of their dreams. She recently published her book in hopes of inspiring people, of all ages, to practice her “Daily Rituals” listed below (also printed in the back of her book), and begin telling the best possible story to attract a life filled with joy and magic.


Daily Rituals

Wake up each morning and put on your smile.

Be grateful, just savor being alive for a while.

Breathe deep to give oxygen to every cell.

Stretch your body and know all is well.

Quiet your mind, so you may listen and hear.

Trust your inner guidance when loud and clear.

Drink as much water as you feel you can.

Schedule things that aren’t part of a plan.

Write down good things that happen today.

Pretend life’s a game and happily play.

Practice kindness in all that you do.

Speak of others, as if, a reflection of you.

Be mindful of thoughts and how you feel.

Give thanks and praise for every meal.

Turn on your music at every chance.

Get physical. Go out there and dance.

Laugh with others when you are together.

Go outside. Enjoy all kinds of weather.

Make things that you do easy and fun.

Look to the sky and acknowledge the sun.

Observe nature’s beauty and all of her glory.

Keep learning new things to add to your story.

Focus on your dreams; it is essential.

Use your imagination to gain your highest potential.

Help any stresses you have to cease.

Stay calm and keep the peace.

Strengthen your faith and let go of doubt.

Tell yourself often “Things always work out.”

Get excited about tomorrow and set the tone.

Go to bed knowing that you’re not alone.

Feel deep satisfaction, appreciation, and love.

Believe that you can have all you’ve ever dreamed of.

by L. J. Chavez Eddo


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